80% of the U.S. population now shops online. As a small business owner, it’s becoming increasingly important to deliver products in a timely manner.

To make sure that your business shipping department is effective, you need to be sure to understand the different shipping methods. The available types of shipping can each be useful in various situations, so you need to understand your options.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll look at the main types of shipping for businesses.

Flat-Rate Shipping

Flat-rate shipping is a popular option for businesses and is a type of shipping in which a carrier will allow you to ship a box for a fixed rate. Your package can be any weight as long as your product fits into the box.

This can really simplify things for a small business and can make shipping much less complicated than paying based on weight.

Expedited Shipping

Another type of shipping that you should understand is expedited shipping. There are several different types of expedited shipping methods in which a package will be rushed to the recipient faster than a normal package will.

A standard expedited delivery time will vary based on the carrier. Overnight shipping and same day pallet delivery are also expedited options to consider as well.

Local Delivery

Local delivery and shipping work a little bit differently than shipping nationally or internationally. Some small companies and couriers exist that will deliver packages locally and this can be helpful for small businesses that sell in their local area.

With local delivery options, you could potentially deliver to recipients really quickly and this can be helpful for impressing your customers.

International Shipping

On the opposite end of the spectrum are international shipping options.

There’s a lot that goes into shipping items internationally such as customs declarations and forms as well as taxes, tariffs, and duties. Dealing with all of these issues can be time-consuming and complicated.

However, working with an international carrier can be worth it. Doing so can allow you to open up your business in some big ways and capitalize on international opportunities.


Unlike other types of shipping, freight shipping is meant for shipping large quantities of products and goods. It’s typically done by shipping items on pallets and within shipping containers.

There are various types of freight options that you can use to deliver items. You can choose to share space on a truck with other companies if necessary.

Air freight, ground freight, ocean freight, and multimodal freight are all options that you can use to deliver goods and products.

Understanding the Types of Shipping Methods That Are Available

There are many types of shipping methods out there, and each can be helpful at different times. Be sure that you understand the different options available so that you can provide the best service to your customers.

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