What’s more magical than a trip to Disneyland? There are Disney parks all around the world, and visiting them with your family is always sure to create a magical, enjoyable memory.

If you visit Disney resorts and parks a lot, you might be considering a Disney vacation club membership. On the fence? Learning about the Disney Vacation Club benefits can help you to make your decision about whether to join the club.

Is the Disney vacation club worth it, and what benefits will you reap from joining? Read on, and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Creating a Home in a Magical Place

Joining the Disney Vacation Club, at its most literal level, means purchasing a timeshare property at one of the many Disney resorts across the world. You can purchase this timeshare using DVC points.

When you sign up to become a member, you will choose how many DVC points you want to have per year, which can determine how often and where you can travel to. You should check out some DVC points charts to get a sense of how this all works.

The main benefit of joining up is that you’ll get to pick a Home Resort. Here, you’ll have your own timeshare property that you and your family can come to multiple times throughout the year.

If you love being at Disney, there’s no easier and more reliable way to ensure you’ll be seeing the parks frequently.

Discounts on Meals and Merchandise

Of course, there are other benefits to becoming a Disney Vacation Club member as well. With your membership, you’ll also get discounts across most of Disney-owned restaurants and stores.

All you’ll have to do is show your Disney member ID and you’ll be able to get 10-20% off your purchase. This will allow you to enjoy all the great dining experiences that the Disney parks have to offer at a fraction of the regular price.

Pool Hopping

If you’ve ever stayed at a Disney resort, you know that Disney has put a huge amount of work into creating incredibly elaborate themed pools for each of their resorts. Each pool is different and incredibly detailed.

When you are a DVC member, you have access to all the pools across all Disney resorts, not just the pool at your own Home Resort location.

This means you and the kids will be able to explore and enjoy all the different custom work that has been created. Doing a pool crawl with your family on a day off from the parks can be a fun way to spend some time in the sun.

Understanding Disney Vacation Club Benefits

If you’re on the fence about becoming a Disney Vacation Club member, the above information can help. Understanding the Disney vacation club benefits can help you see the investment you’re making when you sign up.

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