You maybe a coffee addict even more so when you are passing that petite cafe with a classic French ambience and smell that freshly brewed pot of cuban coffee and there’s no way you can resist yourself from getting one!

As the metropolitans are growing busy, the dreams of visiting the costliest hotel in the world are diminishing day by day and more people are starting to appreciate cafe & pub culture.

Even if you’re only going to a cafe say for 15 minutes, the boring ol’ Starbucks environment is not going to cut the slack for us anymore. American experts are thus taking things in their own hands and being creative about the experience they are going to provide.

The pubs in America are no longer limited to a medium rare steak with a glass of beer, they’ve started incorporating Spanish Tapa’s that go along with a quick drink as well. So we’ve done the major legwork of curating these cafes and pubs for you to enjoy in between work.

Out of the box Cafe’s & Pubs :-

Heritage Bikes and Coffee, Chicago

              This is one of the most creatively functioning cafe we found. This cafeteria is owned by Michael Salvatore who has successfuly extended this into a franchise at seven more locations in a span of nine years. They serve almost any coffee styles such as cordito or a regular French press but their speciality other than serving premium coffee lies in handcrafting motorbikes. Chicago already is known for it’s famous cafe’s and this is certainly a hidden gem.

Moonlight Mile, New York

                    This for sure a fancy pub but also a quality one, located in 200 Franklin Street in Greenpoint. This is a hip and evolving neighborhood in Brooklyn, many people search for best restaurants in greenpoint as it is becoming popular among the tourists for it’s melting pot of cuisines. One thing you have to take into consideration before going is that they specialise in Bourbon and serve it along with choices of in-house craft beers. If you’re a music lover then you absolutely would not be dissapointed as the live performances are extraordinary.

La La Land Kind Cafe, Texas

              By the name we can second guess the intention behind this cafe which is obviously being kind to their customers, staffs and everybody in between. La La Land Cafe follows a motto in which they only hire youth from a fostered background as these young adults are lagging behind in the system. They are also quite known for serving colourful coffees like a lavender bloom matcha which is must try if you’re visiting. Neverthless they are really cordial with the customers, and the offerings there are irresistible.

Hoagies, California

                     California’s Pismo beach has the best surfing spots in that county, the pier is the safest region which has a good break in high tide and has the best swell direction from southwest. Even if you’re not a surfer, you should visit Hoagies if you’re a fan of ample portion in your order for ‘surf & turf’. It is located 100 yards away from Pismo pier near the parking lot. You can sit out in the patio while taking a big, juicy bite from their signature wrap the “Dirty Bird”. Their decor consists of surfing swimsuit, boat sails etc which will make you feel more close to the ocean.

Bottom Line

There is literally abundance in choices when it comes to contemporary cafes, pubs or even restaurants all around America for you to visit on your next outing. We are extremely sorry if we missed out on some of your favourites.