We should Launch Composing while at the same time Having A great time!
Is it true or not that you are prepared to set kids into an undeniably exhilarating composing experience? Look no further, since TypeTastic will get their composing moving with a progression of tomfoolery and drawing in games. In view of our extraordinary academic methodology, these games have been made in genuine homerooms along with educators.

You’ll be however stunned as we seem to be; soon after several hours practice, youngsters find the right keys much speedier and are well headed to easy composing. Best of all, they truly appreciate it, and look forward rehearsing more. So why stand by – come and go along with us on this astounding composing experience!

We should Play! K-12 School Version

Get your PC or tablet and go to TypeTastic.com

Allow the children to appreciate playing for a couple of hours

Perceive how their composing improves quickly
What Makes TypeTastic so Interesting…

See the Console in Another Manner
For the children, the console might appear to be a lot of characters in an irregular request. Luckily, they can now see it in a totally different manner! We transformed console into an enticing game board and split it into nine variety coded parts. This way it is not difficult to take on the console and remember the keys!

Learn Quicker by Playing
Making a triumphant learning game is difficult. It needs a strong educational way to deal with foster the children’s abilities. Simultaneously, the game needs to spellbind various types of students. In any case, when you get those both right, enchanted things occur. The children are genuinely roused, and their abilities will grow rapidly. Everybody will be a champ!

A Couple of Hours Does Marvels
TypeTastic is a genuine launch into composing, and you’ll see the distinction currently following a couple of hours. Understudies continue on from chase and-peck to find right letters rapidly. Composing words and sentences is not any more a stretch, and they are on their way into familiar composing. Be that as it may, the most compensating prize is their extraordinary inspiration and the grins on their appearances!

All Fingers On board
Working on keyboarding utilizing every one of the fingers can challenge. Nonetheless, with our extraordinary Keyboarding Launch practices it’s currently more straightforward than any time in recent memory to get every one of the fingers moving. Our mysterious mixture is to zero in first on the right finger developments utilizing connecting with games. From that point, it’s not difficult to continue on toward training full-scale keyboarding with TypeTastic School Release.