Guest blogging is one of the efficient ways of drawing traffic to a website or blog. It also increases the credibility of a brand and boosts a website’s ranking on Search Engine Result Pages. However, guest blogging can be an effective tool for growing a website or blog when it is rightly engaged. Thus, this article will briefly discuss the effective ways to guest blog.


Guest blogging is the act of publishing content for other websites and blogs. Guest blogging yields huge dividends as it draws traffic to a site, improves the domain authority of the site, and boosts the awareness of a site. Guest blogging can be effectively used to obtain reviews and enhance the social media presence of a brand and also, it inspires link building which is one of the criteria considered by Google for increasing the ranking of a website on Search Engine Result Pages. Hence, guest blogging is arguably the most efficient way to promote websites and cheap guest posts will help you achieve effective guest blogging.  



Guest blogging can only be an effective tool for marketing and promotion if it is rightly engaged. Hence, you can guest blog effectively by following the steps below;

  • Design your website excellently

Before guest blogging, design your website or blog to meet the expectations of possible visitors to your website. No matter the number of people that visit your site daily, if the services you offer don’t meet the standard of details available on the posts they read, it can damage the reputation of your website. Moreover, top websites only accept guest posts from high-quality websites.

  • Search for guest blogging opportunities

Before developing guest posts, look for sites that engage in guest posts. And you can search for these sites on Google by using keywords like “guest posts”, “guest post guidelines” or “submit a guest post” in your searches. You can also receive guest blogging jobs by contacting reputable guest bloggers or by using tools like Open Site Explorer to analyze the backlinks of your rivals to detect the sources of their blog posts. 

  • Develop a good relationship with the site owner

Once you have located a guest blogging opportunity, build a good relationship with the owner of the site before proposing possible guest post jobs. Follow these site owners on social media first and obtain sufficient knowledge about the nature of the content on their website. Also, study their content intensively to know the ones that carry the highest shares and likes and associate with them better by tagging them to posts you have crafted about their sites. Moreover, constantly communicate with them till they get to understand that you are in for genuine partnership before you begin pitching.

  • Select excellent topics

Your topic choices is a factor that can land you guest blogging gigs. From your understanding of the site content, craft topics that are related to this content. Moreover, topics that supply extra information on common content on the website, provide new information on common content or those that react to already-existing content on the site will be attractive to the site owner. 

  • Craft an appealing pitch

Pitching is the process of suggesting guest posts for a site owner. Once you are convinced of the nature of the content you want to share and have selected excellent topics, propose the topics to the site owner. However, to boost your chances of landing a guest blogging job with the site owner, keep your pitch short, include the name of the company in the pitches, use the topic of the content in your email title and briefly explain the proposed content of the post in the mail body.

  • Develop captivating content 

Once you are granted a pass for the pitches you submitted, take your time and develop captivating content by using action words in your topic and pay attention to keywords to boost the Search Optimization potential of the content. Also, format the post carefully using software like Grammarly to eliminate possible grammatical errors and wrong vocabulary before submitting the post.

  • Attach your backlink

Based on the agreement you had with the site owner, attach backlinks to your website to improve your lead generation by using a solitary link to your home page,by adding a social media link, or by linking to a landing page using a led magnet.  

  • Be active

Once comments are made by the audience, be the first to react to them because people are mostly attracted to posts that carry huge engagements. On the other hand, the site owner will be happy about your commitment which can open up more guest blogging opportunities for you. 

  • Promote your content

You can effectively promote a guest post by using social media, email, or affiliate marketing platforms. These platforms have a large number of people that will be willing to read your posts.

  • Develop more content and trail your success

Once your first guest post starts attracting a large audience, don’t rest on your laurels. Rather develop more content to strengthen your online presence and don’t fail to trail the progress levels of your guest posts on reliable diagnostic tools like Google Analytics. 


Guest blogging remains an effective way to boost a website. It draws traffic, strengthens the domain authority of the site, and increases the ranking of the site on Search Engine Result Pages. Nevertheless, guest blogging can only be effective if it is done the right way and this ultimate guide to guest blogging will help you immensely.