From America’s #1 radio moderator and multi-million-duplicate #1 New York Times smash hit writer, a book for youthful perusers with a set of experiences educator who turns back the clock to have undertakings with outstanding Americans.


OK, OK, my name’s truly Corroded — however my companions call me Rush. Rush Worship. Since I’ve forever loved the coolest pilgrim fella ever, Paul Respect. Discuss a demigod — this person needed to safeguard youthful America so seriously, he rode through those uneven, cobblestone-y roads yelling “the English are coming!” On a pony. Top of his lungs. Wind blowing, precipitation streaming…

Indeed, you understand everything. Yet, imagine a scenario in which you could get the genuine picture — by really traveling once more into the past and witnessing firsthand the way that our extraordinary nation became. Meeting individuals who made everything occur — individuals like you and me?

Clutch your sharp triangle caps, since you can — with me, Rush Worship, apparently customary substitute history educator, as your local area expert across time! “How?” you inquire? Indeed, there’s this entrance. Furthermore, a pony. My talking horse named Freedom. Furthermore, — indeed, simply trust me, I’ll get us there.

We’ll start by joining a shipload of valiant families traveling on the Mayflower in 1620. Yawn? I have to take a hard pass. 1620 was a really great time, and you’ll encounter precisely exact thing they did on that harsh, perilous sea crossing. Together, we’ll pose the explorers every one of our inquiries, figure out how they live, go along with them at the primary Thanksgiving, and considerably more.

So saddle up and we should ride! Our uncommon country is ready to be found once more by remarkable youthful loyalists — like you!