The top sports franchises, like FIFA, NBA, Madden, and other well-known games, are all produced by EA. It is supported by Origin, the company’s PC gaming system. Hence an EA registration is required to access one of these games. However, you may instantly remove your EA account if and when you decide you’re through with EA’s games. The precise actions you must take to terminate your EA account are outlined in this post.

Account deletion vs. account deactivation

Individuals have the choice to delete or deactivate their profiles with EA. You might anticipate that after deactivating your account, your achievements and library are still saved in EA’s systems. Nevertheless, it would help if you reactivate your profile to be able to access it explicitly. 

You will lose your achievement if you delete your account and no longer have access to every game you have already paid for. You cannot use any associated system accounts on any EA profile. The inability to deactivate prohibited EA profiles is another item to consider. You must first appeal the ban if you wish to deactivate your account.

Deactivating EA Profile

  • Having a deactivated profile, you cannot sign in or participate in games.
  • Existing system credentials may continue to be connected to the EA profile.
  • Entries and identities from Answers HQ will remain accessible. But you won’t be capable of updating or creating new entries.
  • You will continue to receive any transactional or promotional communications that you requested.
  • Deactivated files may be reactivated whenever you want, pending ownership confirmation.

Delete EA Profile

  • you will deactivate your profiles on the EA boards. EA will remove the username or the post if you’ve posted anything.
  • It cannot acquire EA titles from Steam or the Epic Games Store.
  • Your games and profile will continue to be subject to service term breaches.
  • Your profile will no longer have access to any games, memberships, rights, or in-game transactions.
  • Any related platform profiles cannot be used on another profile.

The process of terminating your mobile EA account is identical. You can no longer access every game, in-game transaction, or membership. Aside from being irrevocable, the erasure prevents you from getting your account back. Although EA may keep certain account information to comply with regulatory or legal requirements, neither information it stores might be used in your account.

How To Delete EA Account

  • Step 1: Go to on the EA website. Next, select “Contact us.”
  • Step 2: Next, pick a game from the selection. Which of them doesn’t matter? Next, below “What platform are you playing on? “, choose any system in the following popup. Remember, it makes no difference whichever one you pick.
  • Step 3: Select “Manage my account” beneath “Select a topic” and then “Select issue” below “Delete account.”
  • Step 4: Sign in to the EA profile using your login information. Then, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the form to submit your cancellation notice to support.
  • Step 5: Additionally, EU users can completely delete all related data. Visit the EA erase profile support page to do this. The “Contact Us” link is at the top. Select “Delete my data” under “Data Privacy.” Consider the phrase “Right to be Forgotten.” In compliance with EU law, it will guarantee that every related data is completely erased.

Delete a Mobile Account

You can permanently delete your mobile profile across all platforms. Your in-game goods and progress in any activities connected to the shape won’t be retrievable. Furthermore, it implies that you won’t be capable of accessing your profile on a new Android or iOS smartphone.

If you use an Apple or Android smartphone to play one of our games, you can delete your gaming profile by selecting the Delete My Account option in the options menu. It initiates an automated deletion process that you are unable to stop.

What it means to delete your account:

  • All of the games on your profile become inaccessible.
  • You revert to the beginning of each game.
  • Anything you’ve purchased in-game is lost.
  • Any membership services linked to your profile are no longer available.
  • On whatever new device you operate, you won’t be capable of reversing your achievement.

Any regular subscription fees established on your mobile device are not canceled when you delete your account. If you want to discontinue any current subscriptions associated with your account, speak with Apple or Google.

Recovering Your Deleted EA Profile

You can log in by changing the password if we remove your profile. If you still need to make another EA Account using the exact email address associated with the removed account, you won’t be capable of doing this. To change the password for the erased profile, if you’ve previously created a new account, you may modify the email account on that profile.


Facts to Consider

  • You might only have control over your account for up to three hours.
  • Despite your ability to restore your profile, we can’t promise you’ll get it all back.

What you may get back is as follows:

  • Games
  • Entitlements
  • DLC
  • Stats and the state of the game
  • Absolute Teams 
  • purchasing data in the past
  • Every system account linked to the EA Profile
  • Any virtual money stored on the profile

What you won’t obtain back is as follows:

  • Whatever formerly associated payment options with the profile
  • If you have activated the login confirmation
  • Subscriptions to EA Play and other memberships 
  • Any details about mobile games

What makes deleted accounts recoverable?

When you submit an account closure petition, EA de-identifies the status of your profile and gaming data if you reconsider your decision and decide to reclaim your account in the future while completely deleting your account information in EA customer support databases.

You alone can change your passcode to preserve the privacy and security of the account information. EA can’t help you with this. EA can submit a Right To Be Forgotten petition if you want to remove your account and all related data.


Are you ready to delete your EA account? Please take all of the considerations we have listed above before taking action. If you want professional help, Life Beyond Gaming is here for you. It is easy to delete an EA account if you have already decided.

If you don’t know what else to do after deleting your account, Life Beyond Gaming will help you with a meaningful start.  

Deleting a game is not the end of fun in your life. It’s actually a beginning of a new experience if you will choose to be with us – Life Beyond Gaming