Purchasing shapewear can be difficult and confusing, with so many varieties and styles available online. All shapewear is unique and made to serve different purposes. So, it is not simple to reach any store and pick any random shapewear. You should do efficient research for it. Agree or not, there is a good and bad way to purchase shapewear. Beginning with the right measurement and sizing to choosing the right color, several things must be considered. Here are some tips and information to be taken into consideration when purchasing the best shapewear for women:

  • Right size and measurement

You need to ensure that you order the right size shapewear to get the most out of it. If you buy shapewear that is small in size, you may notice bulging or tightness. If you buy shapewear that is bigger, it will not give you desired results. Hence, make sure you take the right measurements of your hip, chest and waist before buying anything.

  • Your shapewear goals

Now you need to question yourself the purpose of buying shapewear. Do you want to flatten your tummy bulge? Do you wish to smooth your hips and thighs? Do you wish to eliminate your back fat? There are different shapewear to select from according to your targeted area. The shapewear you choose will yield flattering and smoothing results for the targeted area.

  • Pick your color

Shapewear is available in unique colors. The basic colors are nude, white and black, and some other color options include blue, yellow and pink. However, it is up to you to choose a feasible color for you and what will go invisible under your dress. People often pick shapewear color according to their skin tone or their dress color. The choice is completely yours.

  • Do proper brand research

There are different brands producing shapewear across the world. It may be difficult to choose the most efficient one for you. They offer shapewear in different qualities and prices. There are some cheap brands and some expensive brands. So, make sure you choose a brand offering high-quality shapewear at reasonable rates.

  • Body type

Every woman has a unique body type. Some common options include:

Rounded body: When your waist to hip ratio is less and shoulders are broad, you should look for shapewear that enhances your waistline, such as cinchers, camis or corsets.

Straight body: If your hips, waist and shoulders are in the same proportion, you need to add a curve to your body and define them well by choosing cincher vests, waist trainer vests or butt enhancing shapers.

Hourglass: If your bust and hips are well-aligned with a sleek waistline, you need some effort to define your curves. You can choose a waist trainer belt to do that for you.

Curvy bottom: Slim waist and broad hips can be balanced using thigh slimming shapers or shaping tops.

These are some ideal rules to help you pick the best shapewear for women. Apply them while shopping to get the best results.