While investigating a spending plan arrangement for my lounge room, I went through pretty much every post referencing the Polk Mark line and found little data other than brief yet sure remarks. I chose to exploit accessories4less‘ S55 (restored) for $189 each and share my involvement in you all to assist act as a buying with directing, particularly for those investigating the Polk Mark setup.


At first had a sharp desire for my mouth because of A4l’s/FedEx’s treatment of the speaker tower. The one pinnacle was so beat from travel that it should have been supplanted. Openings in the container, cardboard nearly seemed dryrot, pressing froth broke, the works. Out of the case, they are weighty at ~44 lbs.

Underlying feelings

When unloaded, these speakers are very lovely. The matte completion of the bureau with the piano dark sparkle of the substance of the speaker truly make it pop. The quality comes in the easily overlooked details: the woofers have a slight metallic like sparkle because of a nearly brushed aluminum look, complete with a “Polk Mark Series” and concentric circles scratched into them,. The tweeters are housed with a “Polk Sound American Hey Fi” encompassing them. Everybody that has visited are extremely dazzled and look considerably more costly than they are. They keep on dazzling me as a household item/stylistic layout notwithstanding their sound and, for my purposes, having these middle stage in my house meant quite a bit to me.

Polk’s site has awesome close up’s of this arrangement and prescribe everybody to go look at them.

Different notes:

Bureau finish is affirmed to be vinyl. Be that as it may, from evaluating the messed up tower, the vinyl layer is very thick and seems as though it will hold up to manhandle.

Feet are quite durable, no issue with wobble

Attractive grilles are exceptionally quite simple to introduce/eliminate

Connectors in the back are fine, no issues at all attaching them

Sound Impressions

For some unique situation, I have a little living region (10ftx10ft max). Regarding my sound mark inclinations, my portable arrangements are Phillips Fidelio X1 and FIIO FH5 obtained to a FIIO BTR3. I lean toward somewhat warm side of unbiased with a full base end.

I’m exceptionally content with their sound. Detail and clearness are on my standard with my FH5 earphones and hold a somewhat more impartial mark than Polk’s lower end contributions.


Both with a 80hz hybrid and as an independent 2.0 arrangement, bass is taken care of well in my little room. The power port truly help to reverberate would it be advisable for you decide to go 2.0 rather than 2.1. Punchy, full sounding, makes listening extremely hearty. EDM, hip jump, and so on all hold a pleasant load to them while holding clearness. In any case, I found with a 80hz hybrid, normally less bass seeped into the mids, making them sound MUCH more clear. Motion pictures will require a subwoofer, no inquiry.


More forward and articulated than my past Polk screen 40’s series II. Accordingly, there is this delightful clearness while holding the warm musicality individuals partner with Polk. Absolutely didn’t expect such clearness at this price tag. I have paid attention to Collide with Me by DMB on rehash because of how clear and fresh the sound is. Once more, not a mark I regularly thought Polk was known for yet charmingly shocked.


With their updated tweeter, the mids are impeccably highlighted by the highs. Cymbals are fresh and sparkle. Others have noted sibilance yet I presently can’t seem to encounter this (I’m exceptionally delicate to brutal highs). Truly assists with pulling the listening experience together.

Different notes:

These children are power hungry. My speaker pushes 100wpc and certainly think it is expected to show what these speakers can do.

I noted no contortion at high volumes would it be advisable for you attempt to push them in greater spaces.

Last Comments, Offer, and so on.

With everything taken into account, if appropriately obtained and controlled, the S55 fight at a surprisingly high level class, not down. With regards to how high, that will rely upon the audience. Notwithstanding, while taking a gander at them and paying attention to them, I couldn’t ever have thought these are Polk speakers. I went into this buy completely hoping to present these and investigate Kef’s. Notwithstanding, in my experience, I’m entirely dazzled with these speakers. I have no goal on updating any time soon.

I will be glad to address all possible inquiries you might have! Gratitude for perusing and I trust this better illuminates somebody to this speaker arrangement!

Required Picture:

Current Room Arrangement:

Television: LG OLED55C8PUA

Beneficiary: Onkyo TX-SR700

Fronts: Polk S55