Decades ago during the 70s, there was a growing popularity with Astrology–people used it to predict the future, determine compatibility with people, and even decide on which clothes will bring the most luck for the day. In today’s time, the same trend is making a comeback and an increasing number of people have shown interest in the Zodiac signs. If you’re unsure of the rationale behind this, here are a couple reasons why:

#1 it’s one way to relieve them of the stress

Studies show that in recent years, there has been an increasing trend of stress felt in the current generation–may it be at work, school, family, or even politics, the agitation that everyone feels has increased at a certain, determinable level. This is one of the reasons why astrology has become prevalent nowadays, as it provides an outlet for the people to let out their stress, find a justification behind it, and sometimes, even find the meaning behind all of it.

#2 It allows them to find answers

As cliche as it may sound, there are some questions that science really just can’t provide a concrete answer. Despite the surmountable amount of advances in today’s time, people still have a lingering dilemma of trying to discover things about themselves, and astrology became the platform that allows them to seek answers to things that are otherwise left unanswered in today’s time.

#3 It’s a reminder that everything will get better

Sometimes, the only reason you need to get into astrology is to find an outlet where you can turn to when everything gets too rough and no one or nothing can provide some type of assurance that everything will pass. In astrology, the heavenly bodies become the harbingers of signals that tell you when and how everything will fall into place despite the tumult, and after some time, the struggle will finally subside.

#4 It gives people a sense of identity

Zodiac signs are one way to define someone’s personality nowadays. A person’s attitudes and behaviors are tied to their star sign, they determine the strength of their relationships based on the compatibility of the signs, and they do activities based on how the stars have aligned according to their favor. In a way, it serves a purpose of helping people find their true selves and define who they really are.

There’s a multitude of reasons why there has been a consistent and growing interest surrounding astrology, and it happens for a good reason. It’s important to know though, that the reason why people get into this varies individually, and you might find reasons that have not been tackled in this article. 

Regardless of the reasons why though, what matters is there is a profound understanding of astrology that is emerging in today’s time, and even if we are completely taken over by science and technology, it’s still amazing to find out that there are a handful of people who still believe that the stars somehow influence how we go about our lives.