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Client-side Programming Language

JavaScript is a lightweight, object-situated, cross-stage prearranging language, frequently utilized inside website pages.


JavaScript Library

jQuery is a JavaScript library that works on HTML report crossing, occasion taking care of, vivifying and Ajax communication. Initially created by John Resig.

jQuery 1.9.1
89% of locales utilize a fresher form

Web Servers

Nginx (articulated as “motor X”) is a lightweight open source web server created by Igor Sysoev.


Cloudflare Server is a web server created by Cloudflare.

Cloudflare Server

Working Framework

CentOS is a Linux dispersion in view of Red Cap Endeavor Linux.


Switch Intermediary Administration

Cloudflare gives a substance conveyance organization.

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DNS Server Supplier

Cloudflare gives DNS servers and other web administrations.


SSL Authentication Authority

DigiCert is a SSL authentication authority. This incorporates Verizon, whose Undertaking SSL Business has been gained by DigiCert.


Social Gadget

Facebook Social Modules give a way to Facebook clients to share pages with their companions.


Site Components

Outside Flowing Templates characterize style rules in a different CSS record.

Outside CSS

Implanted Flowing Templates characterize a bunch of style rules in a