Monday, October 24 – Chocolate with Pepper
Ana and Ludovico get hitched.
Danilo, Olga and the residents abuse Ana.
Celina gives Aninha a wedding present.
Ana begins living in Buenos Aires and learns new traditions.
Ana lets Ludovico know that she misses the time she lived on the ranch.
Márcia requests that Aninha for cash assemble her own beauty parlor.
Ana sees Danilo’s picture in the mirror.
Timoteo kisses Márcia and says it’s their last kiss.
Marcia shows the salon she fabricated.
Timoteo begins working at the production line.
Olga says that Danilo will be hers alone.
Margot says that she will deal with Guilherme’s sibling so he can set off for college in São Paulo.
Celina inquires as to whether Graça likes somebody.
Danilo and Olga sign the commitment.
Aninha lets Ludovico know that the child will be conceived.

Tuesday, October 25 – Chocolate with Pepper
Anna’s child is conceived.
Dona Mocinha shows up to help Aninha.
Ludovico is wiped out.
7 years pass in the plot.
Ludovico gives Aninha a crate to keep.
Ludovico requests that Aninha experience passionate feelings for once more.
Ludovico bites the dust.
Aninha dreams of Danilo.
Aninha says now is the ideal time to return to Ventura.
Jezebel experiences the news that Ana is returning.
Vivaldo has having a dance to pay tribute to Ana Francisca.
Terencio grumbles to Olga about the wedding taking excessively lengthy.
Jezebel welcomes Ana’s family to the dance.
Olga tells Danilo that Ana Francisca is returning.

Wednesday October 26 – Chocolate with Pepper
Danilo lets Guilherme know that he failed to remember Aninha.
Danilo says he won’t the dance.
Ana shows up in Ventura.
Ana acknowledges Jezebel’s encouragement to go to the dance.
Ana’s family is miserable that she has not gone to visit them.
Dona Mocinha grumbles about Jezebel.
Aninha says that she has a major shock to tell at the party.
Ana visits her loved ones.
Ana says that everybody in the family should be at the party.
Olga chooses to go to the Ball.
Ana shows up at the party.
Olga breaks Ana’s pearl neckband.
Ana meets Danilo once more.

Thursday, October 27 – Chocolate with Pepper
Ana moves tango.
Margarido grumbles about the manner in which Ana is moving.
Barbara requests that Márcia hit the dance floor with Vivaldo.
Vivaldo orchestrates a gathering with Marcia.
Ana conveys that she will remove the processing plant from town.
Count Klaus chooses to make an arrangement against Ana Francisca.
Danilo contemplates Aninha.
Jezebel laments the processing plant move.
Graça doesn’t allow Celina to converse with Guilherme.
Márcia says that the city will implode when the production line leaves.
Selma shows up in the neighborhood.
Count Klaus says that Ana needs to get hitched all together not to leave the city.
Count Klaus chooses to run as Ana’s admirer.
Ana recollects her past and says that the world goes round and will end them all.

Friday, October 28 Chocolate with Pepper
Olga says she winds up with Ana Francisca.
Count Klaus chooses to color his facial hair and eyebrow.
Count Klaus visits Ana Francisca.
Ana Francisca ousts Count Klaus.
Marcia meets the city chairman.
Olga chooses to meet with Ana.
Olga and ana contend.
Ana asks Reginaldo for the Production line reports.
Jezebel concocts postponing report entries.
Reginaldo says he tells the truth and won’t answer Jezebel’s solicitation.
Margarido mistreats Aninha.
Count Klaus says he needs to track down Aninha another spouse.