When it comes to men’s health, there is little conversation around it. Often men aren’t aware of the available treatment options. Hormone Replacement Therapy Toronto has become a popular treatment for men looking to improve their vitality. Men’s bodies age differently from women’s. After they hit their 40s, their testosterone levels decrease. This impacts men in many ways, like increased belly fat, brain fog and decreased muscle mass. Fluctuation of hormones can impact us physically and emotionally. Most of the time we tend to ignore these changes. When testosterone decreases, men begin to notice the changes in their looks and feelings. HRT is a great treatment option that can help you to regain the lost energy. We are here to tell you all about this treatment option.

Why should you consider HRT?

Testosterone is an essential sex hormone for men. It is crucial for overall well-being. It includes sexual development, maintaining the level of red blood cells, building muscle and bone and reproductive function. Apart from that it also impacts thinking, energy, mood and sleep cycles. Whenever there is a decrease in testosterone levels, its impact can be felt through all spheres of life. When this happens it can be difficult to understand what is really happening. Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT is tailored to target the Low-T, to help you get a new reign on life.

What happens in HRT?

Hormone Replacement Therapy treatment is customized as per the requirement and lifestyle of the person. There are three methods used in HRT, and they are as follows.

Intramuscular Injections: As the name suggests, a testosterone shot is given in this method. It is injected into the buttock muscles. This treatment needs to be repeated every 2 to 3 weeks, as required.

Testosterone Patch: in this method, the hormones are absorbed by the body through the skin. These testosterone patches can be used on the back, arms, buttocks and abdomen. It is suggested to alternate between the sites.

Topical Gel: There are testosterone gels or creams that are available. They can be applied to the shoulder, arms or abdomen. The doctor will tell you how it is to be used. Once applied, the hormones are absorbed by the skin,

What are the side effects associated with this treatment option?

As the ideal dosage has to be achieved by close monitoring, there are side effects that one might experience. Before beginning the treatment, the doctor will walk you through them. Some of the common side effects are headaches, tiredness, mood swings, blurred vision, cramps, breast tenderness and weight gain. All these side effects are temporary. Whenever you experience any of these, it is crucial to discuss them with your doctor. This will help them to make the necessary adjustments. Once the ideal dosing has been achieved, the side effects will disappear. HRT is customized. It might take a while to achieve the ideal dosage.