Kina and Tam is a popular clothing brand based in Melbourne and produces fun-to-wear vibrant clothes which take you on a trip down memory lane. It has a simple mission to make people appreciate their inner child and let it out from time to time!  Kina and Tam make clothes that bring their customers back to the playground, far from all the stress and ready to play the day away.

While their products have been awesome, over the years, there has been some amount of backlash from their fans due to dropshipping. In the early years of Kina and Tam, they used dropshipping in light of the recent trends and grew their audience with products on other websites. While dropshipping is not a flawed business model, many customers consider it ethically wrong. 

Being a consumer-centric company, Kina and Tam have since stopped dropshipping h

With this Kina And Tam review, we have mentioned various reviews of the products from Kina and Tam from genuine customers. While there are some negative comments about their products, we have seen that, on average, customers are satisfied with the products from Kina and Tam. 

A Plethora Of Satisfied Customers

With their vibrant colours and youthful designs, Kina and Tam have won the hearts of many customers, and we have mentioned some of the best reviews for their products. Lia Sophia from the USA writes that she has got “better than expected” products from Kina and Tam, with the two vests that she ordered from Kina and Tam being better than some of her clothes which cost way more!

Rachel Yang said that the sweaters from Kina and Tam surprised her due to their high quality at such affordable prices. She has also stated that she will definitely be returning for more due to the high-quality products from Kina and Tam!

Many positive reviews mention the products from Kina and Tam as unique, well-made and the fabric being of superb quality compared to other products in the same price range. Most customers found Kina and Tam sweaters super cute and fun to wear. Due to their high-quality knitting and unique designs, Kina and Tam have made many people happy and satisfied with their purchases.

This has also helped them make their designs rather than relying on other websites’ products. We have gone through several reviews and concluded that Kina and Tam is a reliable brand making vibrant, eye-catching dresses for people to relive their childhoods!

Our Say

Kina and Tam is a famous clothing brand with its roots in Australia and sells unique clothes with a mission to make people appreciate their inner child more. While they had some critical reviews from customers due to dropshipping, Kina and Tam, have changed their business model and started producing their own clothes in partner factories.

With the several bad reviews, you may question the quality of clothes from Kina and Tam. Still, ever since they started producing their clothes, the quality has increased exponentially, and you can expect some high-quality sweaters, vests, tops, cardigans, bottoms etc., for affordable rates.