Introduction To Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a branch of medical science that covers clinical health science and its links with chemistry and medical science. Pharmacy students study the discovery, production, and usage of drugs and medication. The field of pharmacy combines healthcare with science, technology, research, and patient contact to produce medicine that can work for the masses. Pharmacists are respected medical professionals with much-needed knowledge about the pharmaceuticals and drug industry. Pharmacy, also known as the first line of medicine, is a heavily regulated industry with tons of jobs in the production and the control side. With a degree in pharmacy, you can either scale up and produce your medicine, work in the retail and distribution industry, or join the public sector as a regulator. 

A Career in Pharmacy in India

A career in pharmacy in India comes with immense opportunities, including a stable job in the treatment centres, hospitals, pharmaceutical research, community medicine, health service industries, academia, government health administration, and nursing. It is one of the most trusted and highly rated careers and is constantly ranked as a top 5 choice for the emerging generation of medical students. Since India is an incredibly homogeneous country with thousands of ethnicities, upbringing, lifestyles, and genetics, a career in pharmacy is incredibly hard but deeply rewarding. 

Here are the top skills required to succeed as a pharmacist in India:

  • Gaining deep knowledge about the drug industry.
  • Studying the mechanism, interactions, side-effects, efficacy, and toxicity of drugs.
  • Knowledge of the pathological process of drugs and understanding their functionality.
  • The technical skills to evaluate laboratory data. 
  • Research and analytical skills, with a knack for critical evaluation. 
  • Interest in teamwork and joint effort.
  • Organisational and time management skills.
  • Market awareness and consumer insights. 

Perks of a Career in Pharmacy in India

The pharmacists of India have tremendous earning potential, an energetic job market, and well-balanced life. Pharmacists are trained professionals who play a very important role in connecting the general public with critical drugs and medicine. You can’t have a hospital in every corner of town, but you can have a drugstore. Pharmacists provide people with safe and effective medications and equip them with all the necessary information which they can’t find on the Internet. A career in pharmacy in India comes with a good salary and flexible working hours are often very flexible. 

In India, you can start a career with a graduate degree from pharmacy college in Osmanabad. After completing your education in this stream, you are looking at a versatile career in the medical industry. As per the latest data, more than 65% of pharmacy graduates find immediate employment in the public and private sector, while 4.7% go ahead with their master’s and academic study, and nearly 13% take up both research and work to advance their field of medicine. 

Job Profiles For Pharmacy Graduates

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Regulatory Affairs Officer
  • Forensic Pharmacist
  • Scientific Content Writer
  • Clinical Research Scientist
  • Pharma Vigilante
  • Data Analyst
  • Research Analyst

Pharmacy Degree Covers Following Things 

  1. Facts regarding the research, discovery, development, manufacture, and distribution of medicine. 
  2. The knowledge of medicine and its various properties.
  3. The impact of medicines on the human body.
  4. The ability to communicate the progress with your team and other professionals. 
  5. The production of scientific documentation related to drugs and medicines.
  6. Comprehensive analysis of medicine.
  7. The laws and regulations concerning the production and distribution of drugs.
  8. Thorough understanding of patient care and public health. 

5 Reasons Why A Career in Pharmacy is Right For You

  1. Opportunity to serve the people

    Patients interact with pharmacists more than they interact with their doctors, as pharmacists stay on the front lines at all times. Pharmacy colleges in Maharashtra focus on the communication aspect of the job, as most of the graduates join the retail and distribution industry which requires consistent interaction with patients.
  2. Exciting job profiles

    Pharmacy is the combination of health care, science, business, technology, and patient study. The job requires a thorough knowledge of the workings of medicine and interaction with the public. It is an appealing career for professionals who are “people’s person” and get the conversation going.
  3. Trusted profession

    Pharmacists are trusted by the public and the manufacturers to be the best bridge between a sick person and their medicine. They stay on the front lines and take care of the health-related services across the country and save countless lives with timely interventions.
  4. Opportunities for consistent growth

    Pharmacy graduates are responsible for pushing the industry forward with new research, discoveries, and medicine that can cure diseases. You can either join the workforce after graduation or continue to study and get a master’s and Ph.D. Professionals with pharmacy training and advanced degrees can join the research industry to work on new drugs.
  5. Government job opportunities

    Pharmacy is one of the most regulated industries in the country, government stamps are required on every single piece of paper. Enforcing these rules requires thousands of trained pharmacists and scientists. After your degree, you can get a job in the public sector and manage health care organizations, cosmetic companies, and drug manufacturers as a federal agent.
  6. Desirable salary and job security

    Pharmacy is a highly rewarding career with great financial perks. More than 90% of pharmacists’ starting salary is INR 3 LPA. As the consumer base expands, there’s immense demand for qualified pharmacists in both the public and private sectors. A pharmacist’s shop is open in times of crisis. With War, inflation, and even a global pandemic, the only sector that thrives throughout the turbulence of markets is the pharmacy. 

In conclusion,

Pharmacy is a good career choice, and if you are interested in the aforementioned reasons, then it is the right field for you. With an undergraduate degree in pharmacy from TERNA College of Engineering, Osmanabad, you can join the job field and have a stable career soon after graduation. considered a good career choice. If you like to serve people it is an ideal career.