You could have a household of pedigrees lined up like soldiers waiting for dinner time or, as I prefer, a mad-house with dogs and puppies of all sorts, shapes, and sizes, cuddling, rumbling, and tumbling around with the kids, not having a care in the world. Either way, family is family, and love is not measured by the breed or type of pet but rather by the give and take each member brings to the table.

Of course, love from a slobbery, furry face is always welcome, and most of us couldn’t imagine a world without it, am I right? Because of this, it only makes sense that we would want the best for them. This essentially translates to the best care and nutrition we can afford.

When people hear the word quality care or food, they immediately assume that it will be expensive, over-priced, and challenging to maintain, but this doesn’t have to be the case. An excellent example is Bivvy’s affordable pet health insurance. For only $15 per month, it can protect your pet from accidents, and illnesses, and it can help you cover some additional expenses like orthodontic treatment and prescription medication.

When it comes to nutrition, we ideally want to maintain the quality of the food we give to our dogs. Fortunately, there are alternatives to the generic over-the-counter supplements we find in vet shops and supermarkets, which are affordable and healthy for our pets. You want products that offer a good concentration of vitamins and minerals for a well-balanced diet and are free from preservatives and unwanted additives.

The right fit.

There is certainly a product that is right for your family and animals and that can give you the health benefits you are constantly looking for in other brands or ingredients. Too often we assume that the clever advertising and ad campaigns have our pets’ best interests in mind when they are hoping to increase sales and revenue, and understandably so, thus as a pet owner it is your responsibility to do the work.

There are natural foods and products which can not only significantly improve the quality of your dog’s lifestyle and health, but as they age the body maintains homeostasis to prevent or reduce joint pain and inflammation including stiffness in joints and muscles. Products such as CBD for dogs are not only easy to implement into everyday routines and schedules but even more so into their foods and treats to be digested and absorbed into the body as quickly as possible.

Look for an ingredient such as CBD, also known as Cannabidiol which is taking the animal’s world by storm, and learn new and innovative ways to make healthy changes to your pet’s food plan. This plant compound which is extracted from the Hemp plant and without the THC element (which causes hallucinations and is dangerous for pets and non-recreational users) is quickly becoming the medicinal alternative to generic treatments.

It has aided many people and their beloved pets for centuries dating back to Egyptian, Roman, and Greek times where pets were regarded as top of the royalty hierarchy.

Why CBD?

This is a tricky question, why do we do anything that we do, is it for the effects we want or enjoy or the comfort of knowing what will come if we use a certain product? If we had to sum it up in a loose-ended remark we could ask that if you have tried everything else then what have you got to lose.

Sure traditional medicines and prescriptions treat issues and ailments for the moment, but they don’t necessarily target the underlying issue and what happens is that the problem persists later down the line. Now, you end up going back for another prescription only this time the dose is larger or the concentration is stronger. This is no way for your pet to live, and who knows what the long-term effects are of all those chemicals being pumped into their little bodies?

Certain breeds, of course, have more tailored and personalized meals or vitamin ‘menus’ keeping them in tip-top shape for perhaps competitions or dog shows, but natural is always best. Hemp is a natural plant (read about it here which aids animals and humans alike in their life and physical or mental niggles, we are never too old to make a change, and the short lives we get to spend with our furry friends only makes this that much more important.

Cannabidiol works in conjunction with the receptors in animals’ bodies through their endocannabinoid system making it easier to absorb and work more efficiently. And pet owners have raved about seeing significant changes and improvements in their dogs within as quick as a few weeks. Fewer episodes of anxiety from being left alone when they go to work, happier mood, and their physical appearance looked more luxe. You’ll be the talk of the village in no time as neighbors stop you on the street to comment on how lovely ‘Bruno’ is looking.

To conclude.

You may be hesitant to try something new, like with all new products, but it is great you are at least looking into it. The truth is that the world is starting to take notice too, see this link for a quick look at what some people have to say, and if anything else you could give it a try. If you are not amazed by the effects you can always stop, but we have a feeling you won’t.

It is better to have tried and done everything you can for your pet than to see them suffer from medicines claiming to cure the world when Mother Nature has always taken care of us.