There are several instances of people forgetting their keys outside or simply getting stuck in a public bathroom. This is why experts like Keys On Wheels advise that people should know how to unlock doors without keys, so they’ll be able to save themselves during these situations. In this article, we’ll be discussing effective ways to unlock doors without keys.

Doorknob Removal Method 

Using a screwdriver, you can dismantle the lock and remove the doorknob easily. This method is perfect for interior doors. 

Suppose the doorknob screws are exposed; you can remove them using a screwdriver and then proceed to disassemble the lock and doorknob.

However, if the screws are hidden, you will have first to remove the knob to expose the mounting screws. Once exposed, you can proceed to remove the screws with your screwdriver so you can unlock the door. The final step in this process is shifting the lock latch away from the doorjamb. 

Credit Card Method

If you want to open a door with a spring lock, you can make use of a credit card. However, this technique doesn’t work on deadbolts. It’s also important to note that a laminated and bendy card works best. For this procedure, it’s better to use a thick and sturdy card.

Once you have the right type of card, all you have to do is put it between the frame and lock and flush it as many times as possible. Thereafter, bend it back, force the lock into the door and open it in the process. 

In the case where there’s no space between the frame and the lock, you can put it between the frame and the door and swipe downward immediately, angling the credit card toward the frame. 

Screwdriver Method 

These procedures work best with doors that have privacy handles and are locked with a button on the door handle. To do this, search for a tiny hole around the doorknob. Once you find it, push a paper clip, eyeglass screwdriver, or hammered flat into the hole. When doing this, your hand must be straight, and you must push as far as possible until the tool you’re using reaches a groove, and the door opens.

Allen Wrench Method

This procedure is complex, so you have to pay full attention. The first step is to put Allen’s short end into the keyhole’s lower edge. After doing this, put small pressure to move the lock in the key’s direction slightly. You have to keep applying this pressure steadily, then use a paperclip to pick the lock. Make sure the paperclip is unbent.

Hinge Removal Method

For this method, you need a screwdriver and a hammer. To begin, a flat head screwdriver will be wedged in between the pin and bottom knuckle. After successfully placing the screwdriver, you can then proceed to tap it using the hammerhead. Soon, the head and the pin will start to loosen. Once completely loosened, you can then remove it. You can then repeat this for all the door hinges. Suppose the pin won’t budge after repeated hammering; you can change the screwdriver from a flat head to Phillips’s head. 

How To Open A Jammed Lock

The first step is to push the door while turning the key. It’s even more important if your door is pretty old. This is because the warped door will bend the lock at an awkward angle as you’re fiddling with the key. While carrying out this procedure, you should try putting pressure in all directions: down, up, toward you, and away from you. Still, you must be careful not to lose your balance.

Importantly, despite knowing which side is for unlocking the door, turning the key to the lock direction can make it unjam sometimes. So make sure to turn the key both ways. Turning the key a short distance past the full locked position and rotating it back quickly and smoothly can also help unjam the lock.

Having a jammed lock or not having the key to open a door can be quite frustrating. Still, the first step to overcoming this situation is to keep calm and try the abovementioned procedures. If you don’t get it correctly, it’s best to call a locksmith to avoid making things worse. The locksmith has the right tools and is highly skilled in opening jammed doors. So they won’t waste time or end up causing unnecessary damage to your door. You can easily find one by searching online or asking people for recommendations.