The prospect of running your own pet-sitting business has become one of the most attractive notions. For starters, you’re likely to triple your current salary. Working for yourself is always rewarding, but it is paradise to try pet sitting franchises now. The idea of being able to work with animals and leave your office life behind sounds like an exciting and highly profitable venture. Read on to learn how to start a pet sitting business.


Create a business plan and estimate how much it will cost to get started, including all expenses such as equipment purchases and licensing fees. It will help show lenders that you’re serious about starting your pet-sitting business and that it’s not just something you’ve been dreaming about doing but haven’t done anything about yet!

Decide what services or products your company will offer (e.g., dog walking only or dog walking and home visits). It will help determine what type of insurance coverage is needed and how much time must be spent on each job so they don’t overlap too much (e.g., if two pets are being cared for at once).

You’ll need plenty of supplies before starting a pet-sitting business, including grooming tools, toys/chewable, leashes/collars/harnesses, food/water dishes (and bowls), litter boxes/trash cans (and liners), cleaning supplies (such as paper towels), waste bags (for both trash cans and dogs’ poops), first aid kit. The list goes on! It would help if you planned where to get the equipment. Also, check local zoning laws to ensure that what you want to do is legal in your area. 


Contact the local government officials and get the necessary forms for your business. You will need to fill out those forms and submit them with the required documents like company name, business address, telephone number, and email address.

You can also register your pet sitting business online. Many states have online registration systems where you can fill out all the requirements online and submit them electronically with a few clicks of the mouse.

After registering your pet sitting business, you will receive an official receipt that shows that your company has been legally incorporated into its state’s registry of companies.

Get Insurance

Before you begin, you’ll need to get insurance coverage for your business. Three main types of insurance are essential for a pet-sitting company: liability insurance, property damage insurance, and workers compensation insurance. Each insurance policy is designed to protect your business from different types of harm, so make sure you have all three.

Market Your Business

You want to ensure that your potential customers know what you do and how they can contact you to hire you when they need help with their pet. You can start by posting flyers at local businesses, such as coffee shops or grocery stores. Create an online presence by posting on your social media handles or starting a website. It helps people learn more about your business and contact information when they want to book an appointment with you for their pet sitting needs!

Keep Detailed Records

You can use an online spreadsheet or even an app like Records Management. Keeping detailed records will help you:

  • Keep track of income and expenses to know how much money is coming in and going out. 
  • Keep track of which clients are happy with your services and which ones aren’t. If there’s a problem with one client’s pet while away on vacation, you can work with that client to figure out what went wrong.
  • Know every animal you take care of. It includes names, the dates and times of your visits, and any special instructions the owners leave.
  • It will help you remember when to feed them and how much food they ate or drank. 
  • You can use the records to schedule your appointments to run smoothly for both parties involved in all aspects of your business venture!

Get your priorities straight. It would help if you decided to do it as a part-time venture or a full-time career choice. If it is the former, you have substantially more time to devote to the job, and you can control your earnings much better. But if it is the latter, you will have to give the entire business commitment. Furthermore, while both of these work methods can make you 1000 dollars every month, the amount of work you put in each day and in every way will vary according to your intentions. So ensure you decide based on what your future in this profession is.