The wedding date has been set, everyone is excited, and the invites have been sent out. As the best man, you might have your own task to get right: organizing the best possible bachelor’s trip that money can buy. Considering that people usually plan to get married only once, you truly have just one chance to get the bachelor’s vacation right.

You need to plan everything perfectly – and this can sound rather daunting on the face of it, but it’s not a cause for concern. If you are looking for concrete steps that you can take to make a bachelor’s getaway a success, read the rest of this dedicated guide that’ll help you with the planning process.

Get Dedicated T-Shirts 

To rock your bachelor’s holiday in style, you need to make sure that all the guys (or girls, depending on how traditional you are) in your squad have a uniform look across the board when they hit the town. 

One superb idea that will help elevate your bachelor’s holiday and make it special is investing in dedicated t-shirts with a cool logo that expresses your feelings towards the groom or features an in-joke. It doesn’t have to be expensive either; you can get a cheap t shirt design made with specialists like Ares Sportswear, for example – companies like these can create and print custom designs for your bachelor squad’s shirts for a relatively low price.

Know The Policies 

When you are booking the accommodation for your bachelor’s holiday, it’s worth pointing out that many places don’t actually accept bachelor’s parties, given their raucous reputations. For example, Airbnb has now banned parties at its listed properties, meaning if you try to use an Airbnb listing to throw a bachelor’s party, you could get into some serious trouble. 

Instead, you should be directly looking for providers that are happy to accommodate bachelor’s parties. There are plenty out there; you just need to find one willing and accommodating, perhaps one that caters specifically to special events or is in partnership with a local venue that hosts parties.

Know Everyone’s Budget 

Before you even start booking accommodation or tables in a nightclub, you have to figure out how much the different members of the group are willing to pay for the experience. This is because if you don’t align the economic realities of each of the attendees, some people might not be able to afford to make the trip, resulting in friction within your group. 

You don’t have to ask intrusive questions about people’s finances and budgets; simply ask for a ballpark figure members of the group are willing to spend before properly costing your party. That way, everyone can be involved without having to worry about funds.

Make The Bachelor Comfortable 

At the end of the day, a bachelor’s vacation is about making sure that the bachelor is comfortable and has tons of fun enjoying his last few days before getting married. It might be tempting to book something rather unsavory since the members of your group might find it funny, but this could backfire if the bachelor himself doesn’t enjoy the experience. 

As a result, you should be talking directly with the bachelor to see what he would like in terms of a trip, making sure that he is as comfortable as possible during the experience and that his wishes and preferences have been fully taken into account and adhered to.