Blocked Drain

Experienced Clogged Drain Plumbers Are Worth It

Blocked drains are high on the list for what every homeowner dreads, it happens and small things can accidentally flush down to block the flow of water. Throughout time grease and other materials can form a build up that can cause a blocked drain. If grease and fat accumulate inside the drainpipe, it will cause a stubborn blockage that will eventually lead to an overflow in the plumbing fixture. If the problem is ignored, the blocked drain will leave a disgusting smell in your home. To fix the blocked drain prefer CCTV Drain Surveys London for the best solutions.

If you are having issues with a drain being clogged, plumbers are the best route to go because they have seen it all and dealt with just about every clogged drain, plumbing circumstance. The area you live in will have 24/7 plumbers to come and provide their services. They are up to date with all of the latest technology and techniques that are all effective in a fast and efficient way. A Canberra plumber can help with issues that are related to plumbing, drainage and gas leaks and plumbers usually will give a fair price for their labor. 

Unblock Your Drain Quickly

If you want to take matters into your own hands and try to unblock your drain by yourself, there are a couple different options for you to try out. 

Sink Or Toilet Plunger: Plungers unclog toilets and can also unclog drains like your kitchen sink, bathtubs, showers, and bathroom sinks. The plunger forces water into the drain pipes and pushes the clog onward. Sometimes the plungers don’t work on bathroom sinks because of the configuration of the sink, but it is always worth a try.

Liquid Drain Cleaner: You can use a non-alcoholic drain opener that uses the mixture of any bacteria and enzymes. The liquid organic substances that cause the drains to clog the drains like hair, grease and paper. The drain opener works slowly and only moderately at opening clogs that aren’t deep. 

Drain Snake: The drain snake is a great tool to use for unclogging drains because it is a manual tool with a flexible metal cable that is coiled up inside a drum. The metal corkscrew at the end snags the clog. You’ll pull out the drain snake and find whatever the issue was attached to the cable. This tool is highly effective for removing fibrous clogs in toilets, kitchen, bath sinks, tubs and showers. 

Boiling Water: This may not be something that crosses everyone’s mind when it comes to unclogging your drain. It’s proven to be effective.Take a kettle of hot water and pour it down the blocked drain. If the hot water by itself isn’t working, you can also use a handful of baking soda with the hot water. This is perfect if you have smaller drains to be loosened from all of the grease build up, and also great for the environment because there aren’t any chemicals being used. 

How To Know If Your Drain Is Clogged

You can tell if your drain is clogged because the waterflow will begin to slow down, and the water suddenly stops or backs up from the drain. When this happens it means that the obstruction is fully lodged and the water has nowhere to go.

Drains Are A Vital Part Of Our Household Routine

We use our drains everyday without realizing it’s our drains that are being used. When we do our dishes, brush our teeth, take showers and take baths, everything flows into the drains and can cause the drains to clog. You can use drain screens to help prevent anything that shouldn’t be going down into the drain.