As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, the boom in the gaming and meeting app industry has given rise to a need for screen recorder in recent years. A plethora of free screen recorders have fluttered in the market. Some of them are amazing tools that help capture all that’s happening on your screen without much hassle.

One of the best in the marketplace is iTop Screen Recorder. Now you can record every moment of your screenplay with this free screen recording tool. It is a remarkable software that you would seldom find anywhere else. It comprises an immaculate set of features enlisted below: –

  • Video Conference Recording
  • Movie Recording
  • Music Recording
  • Online Course Recording
  • Self-Made Tutorials Recording
  • Game Recording

If you have high-speed internet, you can enjoy HD movies in a relaxed manner. Best for those who want to enjoy movies offline for free – must give it a try!

Well! iTop Screen Recorder is as useful for gaming geeks as it is for tech-savvy professionals. You will find various points of interest, perfect opportunities you just love to explore. 

  • Don’t want the full screen! Just record any area of your screen with Facecam.
  • Record HD videos with no watermark for unlimited recording time.
  • Capable of multi-functionality: work, education, game, personal or more.
  • iTop Screen Recorder transcends beyond being a recorder merely. 
  • You can edit your recorded videos with practical features. 
  • It supports 17 mainstream formats for transferring videos 

iTop Screen Recorder proves to be convenient and valuable for all projects and levels of experience. Whether you are capturing a live/online video conference, recording a Let’s Play video, or preparing a video tutorial for your YouTube channel, you will find iTop Screen Recorder equally proficient. iTop Screen Recorder gives you an intuitive experience for all kinds of uses.

This recorder is effective in recording every significant and invaluable moment in your everyday life. It is one of the few free recording tools available in the online marketplace that allows unlimited recording options. Many other screen recorders normally offer a 15 minutes recording and ask for a subscription. If you want to record free more than that, your recorded video will have a watermark. With iTop Screen Recorder, you have the liberty for longer screen-casting or recording without any limitation of time. 

We all know how vital video conferencing has become in today’s business especially in the work-from-home settings during the pandemic. Net meeting apps use has increased by leaps and bounds in the past year. It is tricky to take your notes while attending the video conference. iTop Screen Recorder alleviates you from worrying about losing any aspect of your video conference. It has a powerful feature-set that help you seamlessly record your video correspondence.

If you are a gaming aficionado and love to share your ecstatic achievements online, iTop Screen Recorder is the best choice for you. Even if you are not a professional player and just play games to pass time, it would be a wonderful experience to record your gaming screen through iTop Screen Recorder and share it with your friends and gaming community online. So, what are you waiting for? Download the iTop Screen Recorder and get started now!

Let’s have a roundup of some salient aspects of iTop Screen Recorder in a bit of detail: –

Ease of use

iTop Screen Recorder is a simple, free, and easy-to-use recording tool you will seldom find elsewhere in the online marketplace. It is designed for novices to use with ease and comfort. Every step is immaculately designed keeping in view the user-friendliness. Any new user can learn to operate it in just a few seconds.

Flexible Screen Capture

iTop Screen Recorder is without any limitations. It is not that your whole screen will be captured by constraint. You may select any area of your screen and start recording, whether it is an entire display or a small dialog box. And the most enjoyable aspect is that it supports multiple displays. You can capture every detail and cut off every interference.

2.Select Region

Facecam Recording

And no doubt you expect more from a screen recorder rather than just being a single-purpose software. It is supposed to serve as a two-way interface. This is exactly what iTop Screen Recorder does for you! The Facecam function enables you to record your face in a video which has many utilities, for example, this add-in allows you to record your face in online tutorials, game recording, and PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Uninterrupted HD Recording

Video lag is a common problem in screen recording. This screen recorder for PC employs the ultimate recurrent optimization technique and acquires an average 8% CPU utilization which makes swift recording possible. With iTop Screen Recorder the recording experience becomes subtle and precipitous.

Screenshots During Recording

Tech reviews prove that IoBit always endeavors to ease the user experience and make its gadgets more user-friendly. Products like iTop Screen Recorder are a culmination of zealous R&D. iTop Recorder enables users to take dynamic and static screenshots in both equal and parallel modes. Technically speaking, it is a breakthrough feature enabling video & audio recording and capturing the screen simultaneously. 

Multiple Output/Convert Formats

Keeping in view the user experience from various angles, the iTop Screen Recorder supports 12 output formats for storage and conversion. The user can convert the output files into various other formats that can be played on a variety of devices, ranging from the latest iPhone to older MP4 players. It simply means that the iTop Screen Recorder output files are compatible with other various mainstream digital devices.

Capable of Audio-Video Recording Simultaneously

The iTop Screen Recorder is capable of recording the screen video with voice input. It is a perfect demonstration of a perfect screen recorder capable of recording both screen and voice proficiently. It records faint as well loud sounds of the inside background in an equally efficient manner. 

9.My Creations

So, it is time to enjoy the rich experience of powerful functions of iTop Screen Recorder which incurs NO COST! 


The iTop Screen Recorder is swiftly compatible with Microsoft Windows, including 7, 8, and 10. 

To sum up

We can see that iTop Screen Recorder is a free tool to capture any content of screen easily with only 3 steps. If you are looking for one screen recording program, this free screen recorder will be your best choice. More amazing features are waiting for you to explore.