The US pet industry has reached $99 billion in 2020. The same sector was worth $97.5 billion in 2019, and it grew $1.5 billion larger in only a year! There’s no surprise because pet parents spend a lot on their pet food, toys, treats, and travel. 

Moreover, the estimates say that the global pet care market will reach a whopping $358.62 billion by 2027. Now, that’s surreal! Believe it or not, pet care has gained quite an attention in the past few years.

From boots to bedding, there are multiple aspects of pet care. But, the most essential is pet fashion. The current style for dogs is incredible – sweaters, coats, hoodies, bow ties, boots, and whatnot. 

So, here’s an article dedicated to guiding you on how to choose and buy the best dog clothes. Read it wisely. 

1. Pick The Perfect Fabric 

First things first, pick the perfect fabric for fashion dog clothes. From cotton, fleece to knits, make sure the material you pass is premium quality. When buying raincoats, sweaters, hoods, cooling vests, and similar apparel, check that the material is high quality and durable. These outfits have to save your dog when it’s rainy or windy out there, so it needs to be the best. 

Also, a few knits are itchy and irritating. Therefore, before buying them try how it feels on your skin. Look for dog outfits made from 100% cotton for summer cloth shopping. If going for blends, choose a skin-friendly, weather-friendly, and budget-friendly material. 

2. Measure The Dog Size Correctly 

Like humans, dog outfits come in various styles, colors, and sizes. We give measurements to our designer to get the exact fit, don’t we? Similarly, it is essential to measure your breed before dog cloth slopping. For giant breeds like Mastiff, you can go for baggy clothes. Whereas, for your little pal, you need fitted attire. 

See that the clothes are not too baggy (it might cause frequent dog falls) or too skinny (it might suffocate your furry friend.) To save yourself from the trauma of returning or exchanging dog clothes, have the measurements before you hit any offline/online store. Plus, you can refer to this guide for knowing the dog measurement tidbits.

3. Don’t Ditch Comfort For Style 

It should be your priority no matter what. Comfort is something that all of us seek, and so do our canines. Of course, some fancy garment or a piece of jewelry might look cute on your best friend. But if it’s uncomfortable, then there’s no chance of its existence in your dog’s closet. Imagine the discomfort created by a heavy jacket or heavy accessories to your dog. 

Therefore, you should always buy a fashion item that maintains the comfort and coziness intact for your pup. To establish the convenience of any fashion apparel, emphasize how easy it fits your dog and gets removed quickly. Who says simple can’t look good. But never compromise comfort for embellishment. 

4. Never Skip Safety Clothing 

As much as fashion looks good on your dog, safety is the utmost concern for clothing. For the sake of vogue, some pet parents ditch the safety measures of dog clothes. However, it’s a big no from our side. Instead of what looks fancy on your dog, buy something that keeps him warm during winters. 

Moreover, it would be best if you were precautious about getting accessories like buttons or pins on your dog’s costumes. During their playtime or strolling, there is a chance of dogs ripping off the pockets, swallowing the buttons, or ending up choking. Only until necessary, avoid buying buttoned or accessorized clothes for ensuring dog safety at best. 

5. Always Plan Your Budget And Stick to It 

When it comes to dog clothing, there are two prominent types:

  • Vital garments
  • Good for nothing garments 

Being a pet parent can sometimes be too overwhelming. These emotions drag you to purchase zillion outfits for your furry friend, thinking how well it will all look on him. But you know the truth – they don’t require all of them but a few. 

An excellent way to avoid this situation is to establish a budget beforehand and then start shopping within its boundaries. Sticking to your budget will do two things. One, allow you not to break your bank. And two, bring home incredibly affordable apparel for your lifetime friend. 


Being a pet parent, you must have built a lifetime relationship with your pup. And we know that they can’t speak, but you hear their inner voices. Purchase dog clothes that you feel your dog loves. No matter if it involves changing outfits according to the weather conditions. But the best way to ensure buying perfect garments for the pup is to see if they are comfortable, functional, stylish, and safe, all at the same time.