Despite the cut-throat competition among the other e-commerce space on U.S. soil, the new multi-category online market Temu has successfully grabbed people’s attention with its exceptional products at a very affordable price.

With this current time and situation, being savvy and smart while shopping for our needs is the ultimate way to be economical. Customers are pushed to be more mindful of how they spend their money. The launch of Temu has helped smart customers to be able to shop and even splurge for themselves without worry of breaking the bank.

On a quick glance at Temu’s best-sellers list, we can find exceptional products such as Lenovo wireless earphones at only $3.70! This product is one of the top-sales products on Temu’s platform. According to the platform, this product has been sold over 2500 times daily.

These are AMAZING!! I swear I’m hearing instruments I’ve never heard before! I love them! They pair easily, they have a long battery with the charging case, and they fit nicely in my ear.” Comment one customer who has purchased a pair of wireless earphones.

Another exceptional product you can find is the Hot Air Dryer and Volumizer Curling brush, which only cost $11.99 after getting the 64% discount. A jaw-dropping discount product that will help you get more with the amount of money you have.

Why Are Temu’s Products Exceptionally Affordable?

Temu has a unique concept that helps to redefine how online shopping is done to ensure the utmost comfort for customers who utilize its platform. Unlike other e-commerce, Temu does not produce its own products. But rather, Temu acts as a third party that helps to connect customers directly with the merchant through its platform. 

Temu is able to cut down its product price significantly, due to its collaboration with lots of international manufacturers. As Pinduoduo’s sister company, one of the biggest online shopping retailers in China, Temu can tap into almost 11 million global manufacturers to help source products for its platform! Temu and Pinduoduo are under Nasdaq-listed PDD. With this global network of manufacturers’ partners, Temu is given an advantage in sourcing for a great value of the products.

Not only that, with Temu acting as a third party it also helps merchants to be able to cut out the middleman cost, thus they can sell their products directly to a huge number of potential customers without having to pay the extra cost that can increase the price of the product. 

Other Things Which Attracts Smart Shoppers To Temu’s Platform

Temu also offers various seasonal sales on its platform, such as Halloween sales last October, Black Friday up to 70% this November, and more seasonal sales that are projected to take place in the future.

If you are a new customer, you will also get a coupon of up to 30% off for your total purchase without any minimum deal! All of these policies by Temu will help past and new customers to get more with the money that they have.

Temu’s website and mobile app went live on the first of September, and in merely months it has received positive reviews and feedback from customers across U.S. soil. 

Join the other savvy customers and be a smart shopper by checking out Temu’s platform now. You can also shop now and pay later easily with the help of Klarna and Afterpay! With Temu, shopping has never been easier than now for all smart shoppers out there!