Mosquitoes are the kind of house guests we don’t want to entertain. They are not only generally annoying with their irritating humming and needle-like bites, but they also bring with them a plethora of diseases, from malaria to dengue, and many in between. So when the summer arrives, and the air seems to have manifested a bunch of mosquitoes overnight, you might find yourself creating natural home concoctions to drive the pests away. While some of them deserve every bit of the hype to their name, most households are either too busy to go to great lengths to create home mixes and will instead embrace the convenience of a professional mosquito control center. This is where companies like Mosquito Authority firm come into the picture and save you from those annoying mosquitoes like heroes without capes.

A company like Mosquito Authority saves one a ton of headache and irritation and ensures a total end-to-end mosquito control. This involves several steps, from proper access, spraying the house in a predetermined duration, and ensuring the last of the mosquitoes in your house is dealt with. They ensure that the mosquitoes go away and stay away, which needs regular spraying on their part. Let us go through each of those steps closely.

Recognize The Problem

There is a difference between having a few mosquitoes in a particular season or having a mosquito problem. The first step towards the solution is recognizing you have a problem and taking that first step towards seeking professional help. While it might sound like an obvious first step, it is truly the most important. Most people arrive at this step after they have had their journey trying to get rid of the pests, be it with mosquito patches, repellants, or natural essential oils, and seem to be going nowhere with it. This leads to that first call to the professionals, asking a few simple questions. We’ll talk about where and when you see the mosquitoes, what your property looks like, and how you like to utilize your yard.

Property Inspection

 After the initial call for help, the professionals will first arrive at the property and inspect it thoroughly. This entails a comprehensive walk-through of the property in question so that the professionals can identify the source of the problem and decide on how to eliminate your mosquitoes problem effectively. The inspection included noting any factors that may or may not be contributing to the problem, whether it is the size of the property, the location of the property, the weather of the location, and whether or not there are any standing water bodies or greenery nearby. 

Treat The Property

 After the inspection, there comes a wholly customized mosquito elimination solution that is designed especially for your specific property. This does not mean just any backyard mosquito elimination process but includes an extensive multi-step treatment procedure that completely breaks down the lifecycle of the mosquitoes. The professionals shall eradicate the mosquito problem from your property by locating and spraying specific mosquito habitats and the mosquito larvae and adult mosquitoes found within. While you will temporarily solve the problem, the team might have to come back every 3 weeks at least a couple of times to ensure that the entire lifecycle has been eliminated. After this, the treatment will be considered complete.

Being Mosquito Free

After all the steps mentioned above are taken, you finally get to be free of mosquitoes. While it’s difficult to guarantee a no-mosquito zone, it is not impossible when pursued consistently. Effective mosquito treatment should guarantee that the mosquitoes will be away from your property if you keep up with the regular spraying duration of 3 weeks. And if the mosquito problem persists, you shall feel free to reach out to the professionals at Mosquito Authority, and they will go through all the steps again if required.

While the short answer to the question “How often does the Mosquito Authority spray?” is 21 days, honestly, every household is different. Usually, the mosquitoes have a 3-week life cycle, and an area inspection every 3 weeks or so will eliminate the problem. However, depending on the setting of your house, the surrounding area, and the general climate, the amount of attention your mosquito issue needs might vary significantly. However, having professional mosquitoes experts at hand will ensure that you are dealing with the problem in the best possible way.