While cleaning seems simple, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Even if you only have a few rooms and windows to clean, many different tasks are involved. Cleaning is also something you can never really finish – even if everything looks sparkling and new. With regular use and the dust from everyday activities, your home will inevitably get dirty within days. 

Working from home or taking care of your kids for the day might make cleaning seem easier than it is. However, having the right cleaning tools makes all the difference when it comes to making your home look its best at all times. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you need a toolbox full of gadgets, but rather a few key pieces of equipment to make cleaning much more accessible.

1. Window-Washing Tools

Keeping your windows sparkling clean can make a big difference to the look of your home. You can use ordinary dishwashing liquid and water, but this isn’t very efficient. Instead, invest in an excellent window-washing tool, such as a squeegee. You’ll be able to clean your windows much more quickly. 

A squeegee is best for cleaning windows with a single pane of glass. A squeegee can also be used to clean your shower door and your patio doors. If you have elegant front doors that pivot, you’ll probably want a squeegee with a pivoting head.

2. Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is essential for removing dust and dirt from carpets, upholstery, and hard floors. High-quality cleaning tools, such as vacuum cleaning, will help you clean faster and more efficiently. You can also use a vacuum to clean your upholstery and your car, allowing you to do several jobs out of one. 

There are many good models of vacuums to choose from, so finding one shouldn’t be a problem. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a vacuum. First, look at the size of the dust bag and see if it can be easily replaced. A vacuum with an extra-large bag will make sure that you have a vacuum with enough suction power for your cleaning needs. More suction power will make cleaning your home easier and quicker. Finally, choose a vacuum that’s suitable for your flooring. A vacuum with a rotating brush is best for carpets, while hard floors should be vacuumed with a non-rotating vacuum.

3. Mop and Bucket

Although it isn’t always necessary to mop your floor, it can help to make your home look and feel clean, especially if you have hardwood, tile, or laminate flooring. Fortunately, you don’t need to own a fancy, expensive steam mop. Instead, look for a good quality mop and bucket combination. 

A mop and bucket combination is best for cleaning hard floorings like wood or tile. You can also use it on low-pile carpets, although a vacuum and a mop may be enough. There are many mop buckets on the market, but you should choose one that’s easy to clean and has a large capacity, so you don’t have to refill it often.

4. Rotating Floor Buffers

A rotating floor buffer is the best option for those with wooden or laminate flooring. It’s also very suitable for tile, but not for carpets. A rotating floor buffer will clean, polish, and scrub your floors, leaving them looking new. They’re also very easy to use, and you can switch between different heads, depending on the results you’re after. 

Before you use a rotating floor buffer, you should vacuum and mop your floor to remove dirt and dust that could scratch the surface. You don’t want to use a rotating floor buffer on a dirty surface, as this could scratch your flooring.

5. Drying Tools

If you’ve waxed or polished your wooden flooring, you’ll need to ensure it dries properly before walking on it. Unfortunately, placing a fan next to your flooring isn’t enough to ensure it dries properly. Instead, use a squeegee to remove all of the excess water from your flooring. For tiles, you can also use a squeegee. However, tiles are porous, so you’ll need a towel to soak up the excess water. For wooden flooring, a microfiber towel will be best for drying.

Cleaning is a task that no one enjoys, but it’s essential for a healthy and happy home. The key to making cleaning less daunting is to select the right tools and equipment for the job. Now that you know five good cleaning tools or equipment you should have at your home, it’s time to get to work.