We understand that a brand’s reputation is vital for survival and success in this stiff competition. And hence we bring to you the simplest strategy to build credibility in front of your consumers. You just need to embed Google reviews on the website. This blog will discuss some of the best tools currently available in the market that help you in this cause and provide long-term benefits.

We all know the importance of reviews; it helps consumers in their buying decisions, while it helps businesses to know the market reputation. And when we talk about review, it becomes important to mention Google reviews as it stands as the most trusted review platform. Hence businesses are now actively adding Google reviews to their website. Here are the best-rated tools that help in this cause.

Best Tools That Helps To Embed Google Reviews on Website

You find ample tools on the internet that allow you to embed Google reviews on the website. But who doesn’t like to work with the best? On one side, you have the best review platform – Google review, so why shouldn’t you use the best tool to complement it. So, here is the list of the best tools.

1. Tagembed Widget

Tagembed is one of the finest social media aggregators. It is easy to use, pocket-friendly and provides great results. It helps users to collect social feeds from various social media platforms. Allows users to curate and customize collected feeds. And then finally displays them beautifully on the website. 

It is compatible with 18+ social platforms, including Google review platforms. Furthermore, it provides you with a dedicated Google review widget that enables you to display Google reviews on your website smoothly. By following a few simple steps, you can easily embed Google reviews on websites. You don’t even require coding skills or knowledge while using this tool. You simply have to copy the embedding code and paste it into the backend of your website.

Alongside easing the embedding process to mere copying and pasting, it also provides some amazing features that add great value to this tool. Like, it allows you to customize the widget as per your need. This means you can change the font size, font style, background color, and more of the widget to match it with your website’s style. The uniformity of style on the website makes it more attractive and pleasing to the eye. You can even choose from various themes and layouts and opt for the one that you find best for your website.

Also, it provides you with the moderation feature that allows you to hide irrelevant reviews, reviews that mention some other brand, or misguide your consumers. With the help of this feature, you can keep the widget related to your brand and maintain the quality of your website.

Custom CSS, analytics, custom CTA button are some of the other major features of this tool, and as it provides a responsive widget, every visitor using any device can easily read the reviews on your website.

2. ReviewsOnMyWebsite

The name suggests that this tool focuses on adding reviews to the website. As it allows you to collect and display reviews from various review platforms, it provides you with ample content to showcase on your website. And we all know, as there will be more reviews, the chance to win the trust of consumer’s increases. In simple words, more reviews mean more credibility. 

And as we talk about building credibility, Google reviews stands as the superior and most trusted review platform. Hence, the tool provides a committed Google review widget to showcase Google reviews without any hassle.

By choosing from modern and appealing widget designs, you can easily improve the website’s overall look and even catch the attention of your visitors toward the widget. In addition, it provides an easy embedding process for all kinds of websites and helps you convert your visitors into your customers.

It also allows you to make desired modifications and personalization to the widget and make it more graceful. By adding some beauty to the widget, you can capture visitors’ attention. Or else what will be used to collect and display the reviews if your visitors aren’t reading them.

3. Review-Widget

Review-widget is another amazing tool that helps you collect, curate, and showcase Google reviews on the website. With the help of this tool, within a few minutes, you can easily embed Google reviews on websites and build some reliability in front of your visitors.

It provides you with options to choose from various badges to display Google reviews attractively. For example – you can showcase reviews and ratings using small badges. With the help of small badges, your visitors get to know the rating of your brand and hence can make their decision. Medium widget badges and comment widgets are the other two major widgets/badges that help you elegantly display Google reviews to your visitors.

Summing It Up

No one can deny that Google reviews help a business to win the trust of consumers and assist them in building trustworthiness. By opting to embed Google reviews on the website, you can boost your business, as it helps your visitors understand your product and make their buying decisions. The tools mentioned above are currently the best in the market, so try them now and install the one that best suits you.