As the cost of education rises, there is a greater need for entrepreneurs to provide affordable solutions. This article will discuss starting an edutech business and some common pitfalls that often befall new businesses. Today the increasing online resource availability for self-education has increased the interest in edutech business. The evolution of technology forces us to adopt our ways of doing things, and it is now obsolete to go to school or university to gain new knowledge.

Education Today

Because modern life is full of stress and people prefer intimate communication, free online courses are one of the most effective ways of learning. However, there is another way out today that makes education more available – Edutech industry (shortened as Edutech), which offers e-learning platforms for students to follow their interests, regardless of geographical location or social status. The online course offers information via media such as email, video chats, text messaging and group chats over a virtual platform accessible to all

Education costs are continuing to rise, creating both an opportunity and a necessity for entrepreneurs to create new businesses in the arena of providing students with affordable alternatives.  No matter what type of service they choose to offer- whether it is online courses or interactive textbooks- these businesses must keep certain practicalities in mind if they hope to succeed.  If you are considering starting an edutech business, this guide will help you understand what you are getting into so that your company can be successful from its inception.

As millennials come of age, their worldview is also coming of age—as are the products and services they use. This means that today’s edutech companies must go beyond providing standard educational models to creating an immersive experience. They must focus on making learning a joy for each student personalized to keep up with the demand for customized content.

Eductech Company is the need of the hour

Edutech companies have successfully catered to students’ individual needs by broadening their platforms from tutorials, lectures, and forums into user-generated content that allows instructors from around the world to teach each other through live video calls. More importantly, these online classes capture social interactions with avatars, giving rise to virtual simulation games that improve players’ collaborative skills or virtual reality experiences that get students more excited about learning.

Edutech companies are also tapping into the growing popularity of micro-learning, allowing users to learn at their own pace in small five-to-10 minute sessions. By capitalizing on the attention span of millennials, these bite-size chunks can be combined with ads or banners to make products like WeChat and LINE more educational. This user-generated content makes for exciting developments in education technology, like creating collaborative game worlds where players make music together. Educators are also starting to use lessons from video games to help students understand complicated concepts in math, history, and even molecular biology.

Edutech platforms

As edutech platforms become increasingly immersive by incorporating virtual reality, augmented reality, and gamification, it is important to note the burden that these additions place on users’ wallets. This is why many tech companies are beginning to cater to students who cannot afford their services by offering them freebies or launching public projects like GitHub Education says specialists.

In the business world, there have been many trends to match the times. In recent years, it seems edutech is becoming a major player in this economy. Let’s look at what makes edutech so special and why you should consider investing in it.

Industry experts have predicted that education will be one of the markets that will continue to grow over the next few decades. With an increase in employment opportunities available for people with a higher education level comes a greater number of students worldwide looking for ways to achieve the degree they need to get ahead in life.

Edutech is Huge

According to a study by the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), the global education sector is worth around $4 trillion, with technology making up more than 35% of this market. This figure is expected to double by 2020, meaning edutech makes up over $2 billion of the entire industry.

Since 2013, venture capitalists have put almost $5billion into edutech start-ups, and established companies such as Coursera and Khan Academy continue to grow their presence in both entrepreneur and investor circles. The sheer size of this market allows for tremendous growth opportunities that many businesses are trying to seize before it’s too late.

What is edutech?

The term “edutech” is commonly used about education technology, including any tools or services that improve educational outcomes. Edutech can be used to provide online learning opportunities for people at home, school, or work. From e-learning platforms to employee training software, edutech has revolutionized how students are taught and run businesses.

There are many options available on the stock exchange for retail investors looking to gain exposure in the edutech market. Some of these companies include Blackboard (BBBB), Skillsoft (SKIL), Rosetta Stone (RST), and Google Classroom (GGOOG). While some of these stocks may seem undervalued at their current price point, it’s important to remember that all investments come with risk, especially those in the burgeoning edutech industry.

Edutech is the futrue

With more than 700 million people worldwide currently learning English, it’s clear there is a huge demand for high-quality educational resources. The OECD predicts that by 2030, China will have 96 million students enrolled in tertiary institutions, and India will be producing 38 million graduates per year. These rates are expected to continue increasing as developing countries become more developed, and their requirements change. It’s also interesting to note that over 50% of young people today will end up working jobs that haven’t even been created yet.

Investing in edutech

As with any stock market investment, you must do your research before committing funds. Knowing which companies to target, their current growth potential, and the best buying time is crucial in increasing your gains. While edutech can seem intimidating at first, it’s an industry that continues to become more accessible by the day. From online learning platforms like Coursera to mobile apps for language learners, edutech has something for everyone looking to build a better future.