When you hire a great defense attorney, you’re hiring a person to whom you entrust your fate. You’re hiring someone who would get personal with your case and defend you aggressively. The lawyer for criminal defense you hire could just be the difference between a life sentence and a release on bail. 

However, the search for a competent defense attorney isn’t an easy one. Although there are many lawyers and attorneys out there, it isn’t safe to hire just any attorney.

So, how do you get the right attorney for your case? What steps should you take to ensure that you get that defense attorney that’ll guarantee your freedom?

To select the right defense attorney, you need to understand who defense attorneys are. This article hopes to take you by hand through this journey as you select the right defense attorney, such as the criminal defense law firm of Louis J. Goodman.

Who Is a Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney is an attorney specializing in the defense of individuals and companies charged with criminal activities. 

This person fulfills many important roles during a criminal case. For example, they’re tasked with defending a person charged with crime. The defense attorney speaks on the client’s behalf in court and in their best interest.

In the event of a criminal charge, the court may choose to assign the defense attorney to the accused. However, in certain situations, the accused is at liberty to choose a defense attorney.

However, this process of selection is a Herculean one. It combines research and intuition with full awareness of the dangers of making bad decisions.

Tips for Hiring the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

Here are a few tips to consider when looking out for the best criminal defense attorney out there:

1. Consider Getting an Experienced Defense Attorney

An experienced defense attorney has encountered a case like yours previously. Your defense attorney’s level of experience determines how well they can handle your case. An experienced attorney will have a better understanding of the law, which will come in handy in court.

We advise that you consider defense attorneys with at least ten years of experience. Interestingly, the law office of Louis J. Goodman has lawyers who fit this exact description.

2.  Find Out Your Attorney’s Area of Speciality

As a general rule, it’s always better to hire a defense attorney who specializes in your case. You don’t hire a drug defense attorney in a domestic abuse case. In the same way, a DUI defense lawyer would probably not handle divorce cases effectively. 

Make a thorough research of your attorney’s area of specialization. For criminal cases, consider firms like the criminal defense law firm of Louis J. Goodman. 

3.  Check Out Your Attorney’s Responsiveness

Check out the defense attorney’s level of responsiveness. How long does it take this person to answer the phone? Does this person give timely responses to text messages? 

What tone does the defense attorney use? Is this person approachable? Can you share your secrets with them? 

The defense attorney’s responsiveness determines whether they’re the right fit for you.

4.   Be Open-minded

In your search for a defense attorney, you’ll get suggestions from family and friends. It’d be best to consider these suggestions and act upon them. However, you might want to do further research on the recommended names. 

You can check out some law firms online and read about them. You can research law firms like the criminal defense law firm of Louis J. Goodman. It’s advisable to do a thorough scrutiny of these firms to ensure that you get the best.

5.   Be Reasonable

As you keep an open mind, beware of those who attempt to cajole you with sweet talk. Some attorneys out there are focused on taking advantage of your situation. These attorneys will promise you a smooth trial and sweet talk you into hiring them. The results of falling into this trap are devastating.

Keep an open mind, but also tread with caution. 

6.   Ask Questions

How will you get the answers you seek if you don’t ask questions?

Some questions to ask include:

•  Is there any law office near me?

•  What type of lawyer should I hire?

•  What are the odds of winning against the charges against me?

•  Should I hire a private or a general practice lawyer?

•  How competent are the recommended criminal justice attorneys?

•  What are my attorney’s success rates with cases like mine in the past?

• Does my lawyer seem to be an approachable person?

These questions and more will help keep you on track. Some of these questions can be answered by your attorney, so feel free to ask. 

7.   Consider the Fee

While hiring a defense attorney, you must also consider the rates. 

Most attorneys charge per hour, so be sure to ask about this before hiring anyone. Some attorneys however may offer a flat rate for their services. A few others only charge if the outcome of the case is favorable, a type of charge known as a contingency fee.

However, before choosing one, ensure you get a proper response to the question “what does a defense lawyer do?”. Always remember that a defense lawyer that doesn’t competently defend you isn’t worth a dime. There’s no use in trying to pay for a cheap incompetent lawyer.

8.   Trust Your Instincts

Always trust our instincts, especially when choosing your attorney. What do your instincts tell you about the person you have chosen? Do you feel you’re in safe hands?

Take your time and interview several defense lawyers. If you aren’t comfortable with any, you can let them go. Don’t be scared to trust your gut. Your comfort and satisfaction are more important than you realize.


So, how do you go about looking for that defense attorney suitable for your case? First, ensure that this attorney is experienced and specializes in your case. Also, consider how responsive and approachable the person is. 

However, go about this process with an open and cautious mind. You can only get far if you ask questions, otherwise, you’ll be stuck with any lawyer. Finally, consider the fee but trust your instincts to lead you through.