It’s camping season again, and as any avid camper knows, a campfire is vital to the camping experience: many campgrounds today host fire bans or restrictions on making a campfire. Camping is not camping without a campfire, so that is where propane fire pits can come in handy.

What Are Propane Fite Pits?

Like LavaBox Propane Firepit for Camping, propane fire pits are gas fire pits that run off ignition systems using a gas valve. A push-button spark ignition ignites the gas by producing a tiny spark. Alternatively, it can be done manually by turning on the valve and using a lighter or match to catch a spark.

They provide the same comfort and ambiance as their wood-burning equivalents but without producing smoke or flying embers, so it is a bit safer. Simpler to ignite, it only takes a few seconds to start a fire.

Can You Use Propane Fire Pits For Camping?

Yes, you can. There are wide portable varieties out there that can make a great alternative to an actual campfire. It uses the same technology as a camp stove would. It burns at the same temperature as an open campfire would, minus the risk of sparks flying out and the residue of smoke and ash in the air. Still, if there is a fire ban in your area, always check with the proper campground authorities. Most propane fire pits are exempt from fire bans, but not always. Again, always check with your appropriate authorities.

The Pros and Cons

Still undecided if a propane fire pit might be an excellent choice for you? Here are some pros and cons to consider.


  • No wood collecting
  • Clean-up is easy
  • No worry about smoke or ashes
  • They are portable so that you can have a fire anywhere.
  • Safer than the regular campfire
  • Many come with cooking tops for grilling.
  • No worries about the fire being out; you just turn it off.
  • Flame control
  • Some come with fake logs for the campfire effect.


  • Costs to refuel
  • Require set up
  • It will not give you that smokey wood-burning campfire scent or flavor.
  • Can be costly


A friendly fire epitomizes Camping. You don’t have to go without a campfire, thanks to propane fire pits. They also work well for those who love campfires but can not tolerate the smoke. Now, when you have your own portable fire pit, you’ll never miss out.