First, read more on common workplace injuries.

With the use of machines and equipment by humans and also human beings with different backgrounds working together, conflicts could occur, fights could start, and accidents could happen; records have shown the following as: 


This is a common workplace injury, especially in factories that use industrial machines.

This occurs when there’s a fault with the machine or a little laxity or negligence on the part of the machine operator. It cuts the skin and could also bleed. 

First aid treatment can take care of it, but sometimes, the victim needs to be rushed to the hospital if it is a very serious and deep injury.


This is a common injury sustained that doesn’t have a physical cut but an internal pain. It could be sustained by tripping, falling, or applying too much unnecessary pressure on a certain body part.

Being an internal pain that has to do with muscles, those who do a lot of manual labor are very vulnerable to this kind of injury, like laborers working on construction sites. 

A massage by a bonesetter can make victims feel better.


Some accidents could occur without human touch or involvement.

Some common cases are entering a construction site, and an object suddenly drops on someone without anybody touching anything or even in a movie set where a piece of equipment accidentally lands on the cast or crew.

Such accidents can lead to wounds that require treatment.


Some industrial machines can work without making a loud irritating noise, and humans have to be around them to operate them. 

This has led to many cases of hearing defects where workers don’t hear well when they are in a more quiet environment.


An employee’s skin can be badly affected and damaged by the spillage of sensitive chemicals used for production. This can lead to physical burning of the skin and a change of skin color. 

Such accidents can be harmful when sensitive body productive materials and gloves are not used.

An electrical accident can also affect the skin through an electrical spark or fire.


This is very common and is caused by work overload and too many thoughts at the same time, which can lead to mental overload and sometimes migraine, which all eventually leads to stress.

Victims are advised to take enough rest, but this is often difficult, as they can’t create time for that. This is common with employees in the formal sector.


This could occur as a result of staff hurrying up around and accidentally bumping into each other, which can lead to tripping or falling.

Sometimes, if it’s a great impact, a fracture could occur.


This type of injury can be sustained by machine operators like a dishwashing machine, and laundry washing machines. 

Employers could be a little negligent and have their hands injured by the machine. Some cases have been of fingers or part of the skin chopped off.