5G technology is the strongest news spreading everywhere across the world. 5G is everything now! To modernize day-to-day life and enhance business values, it will become part and parcel of everyone and every industry. For example, Music lovers use their smartphones to watch 5G-enabled concerts and watch closely through augmented reality (AR) even at home but feel like they enjoy it live; similarly, sports fans while watching games using their smartphones 5G, use AT&T’s 5G aerial camera on ESPN to control camera angles to enjoy with a close view as like watching games directly from the ground. When such types of experiences generate more enthusiasm toward 5G technology, operators are providing connectivity not only to the public but also to numerous enterprises to meet their digital transformation.  So now let us see why 5G monetization depends on Accurate 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and Accurate RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester automation. 

But, the fact is that operators or CSPs (communications service providers) across the globe have been making heavy infrastructure investments to enable 5G rollouts. According to Voltactivedata, US communications service providers (CSPs) will have to invest more than $250 billion in 5G rollouts between 2020 and 2025 – predicted by Boston Consulting Group. So, here, CSPs need to have a monetization strategy that can make them profitable (ROI) as they invested in 5G infrastructure. 

What is 5G Monetization?

5G monetization is basically a strategy or business model implemented by CSPs to earn revenue as they do invest in 5G infrastructure. 5G monetization is a very good scope for CSPs, and creates several ways for CSPs as they can meet delivering 5G with faster network speeds and bandwidth, ultra-low latency, the maximum number of connected devices, and more. 

There are three different types of 5G monetization terms that you can explore to see the real business value.

NaaS: Network-as-a-service or Naas is a type of business model that offers on-demand purchasing options to enterprises. Thus, organizations can take subscription services on the 5G network as per their requirements only. 

Network slicing: It is a type of business model as each slice meets service-specific requirements based on customer needs. Through network slicing, operators who want to provide FWA with improved security can just offer a dedicated slice of their 5G network instead of the entire network. 

Value-add services: 5G with value-add service is necessary for CSPs. For example, in terms of B2C, CSPs with 5G networks provide service for live-show venues and stadiums to create live experiences for the viewers. But a CSP will not be able to meet such requirements on its own, in this case, he need help from other organizations to add value to the network, which is called value-add service. 

Now the question comes, why 5G monetization should depend on automation? The role of automation is essential to make the 5G monetization possible. Certain digital tools help in the automation of 5G monetization.  

Application Programming Interface (API): 

The API plays an important role when CSPs generally work with partners to extend their 5G network. In other words, partners can connect to a CSP’s 5G network with the help of an Application Programming Interface or API – this tool is useful to share information securely and quickly. 

Business support service (BSS): 

BSS generally helps CSPs to arrange APIs with external partners in one platform, which means BSS can provide the logic to the partners so that they can need to configure, price, and quote services all on a single platform. Salesforce Communications Cloud is the best example of BSS.

Developer ecosystems: 

All industries in the coming future will need their own ecosystem of partners to enable a better-enhanced network. Similarly, trusted ecosystems will be required by developers and that will allow developers not only to innovate business rapidly but also help bring new offerings for the businesses’ use cases. 


To efficiently monetize CSP’s 5G infrastructure investment, improvement of network operation is highly needed. To support a successful evolution in 5G monetization, consistent 5G performance is required for end-users, hence 5G network testing is performed to verify the lightning-fast download speeds, super low latency, and expansive coverage density. Here comes network measurement methodology to monitor as well as test the 4G/5G network coverage to let the operators and customers about the network stability. Apart from the traditional method, a non-traditional method is also available for network monitoring and testing. RantCell is one of the network measurement testers that will help you to know about the network condition by testing it.

RantCell can monitor the network and provide you with QoE and cost-effective solutions. Some of the advantages are – customers can install the app on their mobile phones and conduct test remotely, are mass deployable, are not mandatory to visit the site, are supported by any Android and iOS handsets, and you can check the test report on a web-based dashboard, and more.