A day out on the mountain slopes is a ton of fun. Whether skiing or going on hikes, there are lots of great ways to enjoy a snow day on the slopes. It is very important to stay dry and warm while having fun, though.

Being up in the hills surrounded by snow is fun, but all that cold can become a problem. No one wants to start freezing or catch a cold and ruin their snow day. In fact, if you do not stay warm in the snow, you can have much worse consequences than just a cold. Luckily, there are ways you can stay safe while having all the fun in the world. A little planning, using the right equipment such as a ski rack for wall to store your skis, snowboards & accessories, and taking smart steps go a long way.

Be Smart

The first thing you must always do is check the weather forecast before each day. This will help you plan and will affect all the rest of your choices for the day. When you know what the weather is going to be like, you will know what clothes to wear. You will also know what gear to buy and how much gear to pack. A sturdy polar jacket will be a smart choice to help you stay warm no matter what. Here are some more tips to stay warm so that you can have fun on the slopes.

Start The Day Warmed Up

It is not nice at all to put on wet or icy clothes or boots. Keep all your gear and stuff inside the cabin. If you put your stuff in the trunk of a car or in a place that is open, all your things will get wet through the night.

You have to keep everything dry overnight. You can put things up against radiators or inside special dryers and warmers. That way, they will be toasty when you put them on or when you want to use them.

Layer Up Smartly

Wearing many smaller layers is way better than wearing just one heavy winter jacket. Small layers trap little air bubbles in them. And that is what actually helps keep you warm. Follow these steps to build up the best layer against the cold:

  1. Wear thermal undies. These will help you stay dry because they remove sweat quickly.
  2. Add a puffy mid-layer or fleece to trap heat.
  3. A top layer made up of a coat and pants will protect you from the harsh wind.
  4. Make sure to close all the pockets and take up the zips. This maintains body heat in keeps the eps cold out.
  5. Wearing a hat or a helmet is a must to keep your head warm. Add warmers for your ears.
  6. Always tuck in all the layers as well.
  7. Your feet easily get cold because they are so far away from the rest of your body. Wear thermal socks and snow boots to protect them.

Eat Lots of Food

Do not go out onto the slopes without food in your belly. You need a hot meal to warm you up from the inside. And a heavy breakfast in the morning will give lots of calories. Moving through snow is a very intensive workout. A good balance of carbs, protein, and fat is the best way to build up your fuel levels. Lots of food is also basically energy for the body, which will work to warm it up.

Plus, you will not have to worry about storing that energy as fat because you will surely burn it all up on the slopes all through the day. When you get on the mountain, eat a heavy meal at lunchtime because you will need to stock back up on fuel. Pack lots of snacks so that if you end up stuck in the mountains because of bad weather, you will still have food.

Stay Active And Always Keep Moving

When you are on the slopes, just standing around or always staying still for long periods will make you get cold very fast. You have to always be moving to make your body produce heat. So start moving around if you notice that you are standing about too much. You need to try to stay mobile for a good workout.

When you spend a lot of time moving about on the slopes, you will be keeping warm by generating a lot of heat through movement. It also helps to have a little more fitness. Small changes go a long way. If you have to sit down, roll your toes and fingers around to get your heart working hard and blood pumping.

You Can Have Fun Safely If You Are Smart

Stay warm with the right clothes, a full stomach, and always keep moving. Try not to focus on the cold but instead enjoy the views and the activity.

A little common sense will allow you to have a great day on the slopes. So follow the advice listed here, follow the rules from the mountain guides wherever you are, and you will be safe.