Edit a PDF File

Adobe Acrobat has a stranglehold on the PDF market, sodapdf being the pioneer of the technology. The company owns an industry-leading document editor with many capabilities for working with PDF files.

But using only Adobe tools to edit PDF files restricts you from exploring the unlimited possibilities in other document editors. Let this article be your guide to finding out other Adobe Acrobat alternatives.

3 Reasons why PDF is popular 

Step into any office today, and you would be shocked if they don’t have a pdfescape editor in their arsenal. But why is this file format becoming the go-to for institutions in all spheres of human endeavor? 

Here are other reasons why:

Ease of sharing

One primary reason PDFs are popular is that you can transfer them from one device to another. PDF makes it easy to share files across platforms without losing sensitive information and document arrangement. Another attraction PDFs have is that you can edit PDF files to other document formats, something you can’t get with Word or HTML. 


Unlike many documents, you can protect PDF files with passwords when transferring sensitive information. Hence, many top government offices use PDFs to transfer high-risk data. You would agree that other document alternatives do not offer the level of protection you get when using a PDF.  

Mobile (or remote) access 

Today everyone has a mobile phone. It’s essential to do a lot with our phones at home or work. PDFs are popular because you can access, edit and sign them from your mobile device. Most file formats will not open on your device or display correctly. 

You can seamlessly sign PDF or essential documents with your phone while on vacation or during breakfast with your family.

How to choose the right PDF editing software

While you might consider Adobe expensive, you still need to choose a good program to edit PDFs.The increased need to edit PDF online or deliver an urgent report means you might need to edit PDF without Adobe. 

Here are a few things to consider before switching to an Adobe Acrobat. 

What do you need the program to do?

There are many programs to edit PDFs, but you need to find the right program that meets your needs. Make a list of all the functionality of the Adobe PDF software you’re currently using. Then, search for an alternative that can replace Adobe or meet most of your requirements. 

What are users saying? 

Reviews and peer-to-peer recommendations will provide you with the most reliable proof that a product is worth your money. Ensure you read up to 10 reviews on each software before purchasing it. You can also ask your colleague what software programs they have in their workflow.

How much does it cost?

Companies offering PDF solutions limit the range of operations you can perform with the free trial. If you want to pay for the premium version, make sure you get the value for your cash. While Adobe Acrobat is a paid PDF editing software, you can find free and paid alternatives. 

Why do you need to edit a PDF without Adobe anyway?

The short version: you need to edit PDF without the Adobe Acrobat edit PDF app to save cost. Billed at $14.99 per month or $179 annually, the Adobe document editor is highly-priced for users and small business owners. 

Besides, the Adobe PDF viewer has a steep learning curve involved. Another reason is that PDFs look the same on all devices. It makes them consistent and one of the most preferred formats to transfer documents online. However, the good news is that there are cheaper and more accessible programs to edit PDF files online without using Adobe. 

4 Adobe Acrobat Alternatives

Have you considered why you need to edit a PDF without Adobe and how to choose the right software? Here’s a list of the five best Adobe Acrobat alternatives you can use to edit PDF online, sign, and create PDFs seamlessly. 

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is a web-based dependable editor gaining traction among professionals. The Lumin PDF editor is designed for people who need to handle merging, annotating, and other file editing operations. Though Adobe Acrobat is much more robust, Lumin PDF has rich features and is reasonably priced. 

Lumin PDF allows you to edit PDF in chrome, and since it’s constantly being updated and optimized, you’ll always find new features to explore. Instructors and students mostly use this editor due to its simple interface. 

Besides, the software comes with auto-syncing and auto-saving functions, making it a must-use if you work on the go. 


Sejda is for those who want to edit PDF text online but do not have the budget or desire to pay for full access. The free PDF editor allows you to edit three tasks per day and work on one 200-page or 50MB document at a time. Sedja offers a free desktop version and an online version that uses cloud storage.

Sedja is an easy-to-use program to edit PDF as the single navigation bar grants you access to all the editing tools. Sedja lets you edit PDF in chrome without compromising data security. Sedja is further reliable with sensitive documents since all submitted files get deleted from its database in five hours. 


SmallPDF is one single but powerful free program to edit PDF with multiple features for professionals and students. Small PDF handles standard PDF online editing tasks like changing texts, adding signatures, and highlighting PDFs. 

SmallPDF is compatible with PC and comes with a trial period to further decide if it’s the right software for you. If you require your PDF software for a one-time job, consider using the impressive capabilities of SmallPDF. 


If you’re looking for free software that allows you to edit PDF in chrome for free, PDFescape is perfect. It’s one software you need to edit PDF text online. PDFescape is accessible to everyone online, though it has a 10MB restriction. 

Notwithstanding, you can edit text on PDF for up to 100 pages for free. With PDFescape, you can add and remove text, fill forms, rotate and trim photos, delete pages and encrypt PDF documents. Compared to the average adobe acrobat alternative, this software compensates the user with better tools and comes with five font families. 


Without the right tools, editing PDF documents is challenging. But once you find the perfect editor, you will enjoy making changes to your document. Fortunately, Adobe Acrobat alternatives allow you to edit PDF files with on-demand tools for free. With this guide, you’re sure to pick the best Adobe PDF alternative with tools for your work.