Any kind of production service will likely have many moving parts involved before you achieve the final product. Injecting molding is no different. Here are three parts of an injection mold service.

1. Designing Molds

Injection mold design services are often what producers and clients begin the process with. A design service can include complex or simple work, be customizable or utilize industry-standard designs. You may begin with a concept design for your product or go straight to the final mold design if you’ve already finished the concept work. Depending on the service provider, you may be able to be highly involved in the design process or be more hands-off.

2. Machining Molds

The next step in the process is typically machining your injection molds. Machining refers to building and creating a mold. The most common methods of machining are standard, EDM and CNC. You’ll be able to discuss with your service provider which method is right for you and the product you’re going to use the injection mold to make. You should make sure the provider you choose has the necessary experience with the type of machining you require, as well as the necessary tools.

3. Guidance and Expertise

Every service provider should be willing and able to provide you with guidance and expertise throughout the injection mold production process. He or she should be able to collect all your information about your goals, specifications and needs, and then build a solid production plan for your molds. You should also be able to feel comfortable discussing production and results with him or her, asking questions and learning more about the process. He or she should also be capable of assisting you with problems and troubleshooting.

These are only a few of the services you may be able to access. Depending on your needs and the service provider you work with, there may be several other options available to you.