If you are one who is looking for a comprehensive and reliable betting website. We recommend sports betting and online casino. 188BET is an Isle of Man-based website owned by Annatar Limited and is duly licensed by the UKGC and the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Committee.

Even if it is an online gambling website that comes from the European side But there are many members betting on the Asian side. Because it offers a web of quality and one of the best features on the web. Both in terms of sports betting options, casinos, as well as a website that is easy to play and beautiful. 

In addition to that, 188BET has a stable financial position and has made investments in marketing to expand its membership base by being the official title sponsor of Formula 1 and also entering into a partnership with Bayer Club. Munich, the leading club from the Bundesliga, Germany, with 188BET to be the official representative from Asia. Not only that, but the website is also contracting with former Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel as a brand ambassador for 188BET.

Sports from around the world are gathered at 188BET.

Let’s start with the sports betting options. Online betting website 188BET has 2 sports rooms to choose from.

General sports hall The sports room includes 30 different sports games, including mainstream sports such as football, basketball, boxing, rugby, tennis, esports, table tennis, volleyball, baseball, rugby, cricket, Thai boxing, and international football. And many more Betting options include Predictions, Handicap, Over/Under, Live Betting Offers more than 10,000 games per month, First Half, Second Half, and Parlay options. Jerseys or bets on more than 1 game in the same bet can also be chosen.

Animation sports hall Also known as virtual sports, it is presented in the form of 3D animation, which has the same general betting style as real sports betting. This time That is to be able to bet 24 hours a day, with live sports in the form of animated sports all the time at 188BET, there are 25 platforms of virtual sports games to choose from. By presenting popular sports including Asian Cup, Football Cup, World Cup, Football Streak, Tennis, Greyhound, Motorcycle Fast Games, Fast Dog Racing, Fast Horse Racing, Golf, etc.

In addition to the sports programs, we have mentioned above. By becoming a member, you will also receive information about the odds of important football matches and news about football and sports through the inbox of your betting account.

Variety of Casino Games at 188BET

As for the selection of casino games, there are 3 main categories to choose from:

Slots Game The 188BET Slot Game Room works with a number of popular slot game companies such as Microgaming and Quickspin. Choose from 3D, Classic, and Jackpot judi slot games. In addition to having the function of playing without deposit, Each of the slot games here also offers an RTP, or Return to Player rate, which is the payout rate back to slot players. Is the percentage payout when a player wins a prize. It will be calculated from all bets. In order for the slot spinners to consider in choosing the game they want.

Table-top card and dice games in the category of slot games You can also choose to play casino tables in the same category. Including Fan Tan games Many types of baccarat games, roulette games, gourds, crabs, fish games three-card poker games stud poker games and many more Like slot games The table games here also feature a no-deposit demo feature. There are also detailed ratings and instructions on how to play.

The lotto room offers games such as Thai lottery games, Indian lottery, lotteries 7 Stars, ASEAN Lottery, Super Lottery Keno, Lotto, Lucky 28, P3, and Lucky 5. Bet online at 188BET and get full money without intermediary deductions. 

And a system that does not have to hold numbers as well

Live Casino Games There are 6 live casino rooms at 188BET, each with a casino theme. For example, European game rooms will choose to bet on European roulette games with European dealers. Or in the oriental game room, there will be Asian-style games to bet such as the Anda Barhar game, etc. For games that choose to bet via HD streaming, such as baccarat games Live Commission Deduction, Live 3 Card, Live Sic Bo, Live Roulette, Live Lucky Coin Game, Live Blackjack, Tree Fresh Pictures, Fresh Fan Tan, Jai Sod Rocket Game, Fresh Craps, and Live Holdem casino games, etc.

Other arcade games In addition to the above-mentioned games, 188BET also offers arcade games or games that are easy to play and do not require much understanding of the game. Play for fun and receive a lot of rewards, for example. Rainforest, Magic bingo, fun wheel game, bonus Deuce Wild, Bonus Double Double, Wild Lava Turntables, H and Eights, and Wheel of Fortune games, etc. If you are a new gambler who may have problems choosing a game You can also check the ratings of each game.

Bet via the app at 188BET

On the 188BET online gambling website, there are applications for download for gamblers to play games, deposit-withdraw, and receive bonuses via both mobile phones. The details are as follows.

  • Applications for iOS: Supported From version 12 and above, bets can be placed on Sports Games, Slot Games, Live Casino, Sports Animation, and LOTTO.
  • Android Application: Support from version 5.0 and above. Bet on Sports Games, Slot Games, Live Casino, Sports Animation, and LOTTO.
  • Members who want to download the app can download it in the APP section on the home page. In case the former doesn’t want to download the app, they can play directly through all kinds of devices as well.

Fast and secure deposits and withdrawals at 188BET

Online gambling is like an investment as well. Therefore, in investing money, you must be confident in terms of safety. Speed ​​and convenience, and at 188BET taking this into consideration, multiple deposit and withdrawal methods are offered via SSL Thawte encrypted, a system used by the largest financial organizations. in the world This means that your financial transactions and personal data are protected.

Deposit route on the 188BET website

Deposit via Thai Direct through local banks The lowest deposit amount starts at 250 and reaches two hundred baht. 

Deposit money by checking QR code. The low deposit amount starts at 100 and up to 200,000 baht. It takes 5 minutes to install.

Deposit through local bank transfer Members should choose which bank they want to use. And the web will provide information for that bank to make a deposit. After that, the member must send a deposit slip to the admin or site to improve the amount in the gambling account. Starting when it exceeds two hundred and fifty and amounts to two hundred and fifty baht, the money will be credited to your account immediately.

Deposits via online wallets such as True Money and Skrill start with a minimum of 1,500 and a maximum of 400,000 baht. 

Deposits are made 15 times a day and all deposit methods do not bring in extra money.

Ways to withdraw money on the 188BET website

  • Withdraw money by bank transfer A small withdrawal starts at 500 baht, the maximum is 100,000 baht at a time, takes about an hour.
  • Remove through Skrill, slightly off at.00 baht, maximum 400,000 baht at a time, takes two hours.
  • All removal methods do not charge additional fees.

What are the bonuses and upgrades offered by 188BET?

For gamblers to create the perfect gambling experience, 188BET offers attractive bonuses and promotions. which is divided into new bonuses for online gambling And bonuses for existing members such as new member bonus, 50% bonus, and bonus membership members that point bill rends are given only for each selected game.

The main advantage of the 188BET bonuses and promotions is that they offer special bonuses for competitions such as the EFA Champions League Bonus, Formula 1 Bonus, and Massive Win Slot Game Tournaments. including placing bets in the game at Bayern team Munich and Liverpool play There is also a higher posting bonus compared to other venues.

Hold customer service 24 hours a day.

In the event that a gambler encounters difficulties in using the web or in terms of games or gambling You may find the answer in mind. “Frequently Asked Questions” closes in on all the uncertainty.

Is the 188BET betting website better than other websites?

In concluding the online betting on the 188BET online betting website, we believe that gamblers should be interested and know more or less about this gambling website. Most importantly, the website offers all kinds of games, including games dedicated to the website platform. 

Therefore, it offers a good price compared to other websites that use pre-designed platforms. As for the casino games, there are games from well-known gaming companies from all over the world, offering a large number of good games and games. Like many others that make up the use of gambling to the fullest and best.

Top questions about 188bet

Is 188BET online betting reliable or not?

Trusted online betting site 188BET from the UK. There are many members around the world and in Thailand. It is duly licensed by the UKGC and the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Committee.

Does the online betting website 188BET have a system to protect members’ information?

188BET Online Betting Site offers End-to-End Encryption SSL Thawte to protect members’ personal and financial information.

How long does it take to withdraw online bets at 188BET?

Withdrawals at the 188BET website take about 2 hours. If there is a delay, you can contact the admin 24 hours a day.

What documents are required to submit a withdrawal?

A photograph of the bank account book showing the full and clear name and account number. or bank statements that are less than 3 months old