One of the most flexible jobs a nurse can get is a per diem nurse job. Per diem nurses only works for a day or two or longer but don’t have a permanent schedule. From the Greek word “per diem” which means per day in English. Per diem nurses are nurses who usually work under a staffing agency and are assigned to healthcare facilities that need their service. They act as a replacement for nurses who can not make their shifts due to many reasons. 

10 Benefits Per Diem Nurses can Enjoy 

You will make more money

Per diem nurses are paid a higher hourly rate compared with regular nurses. Since they don’t have fix schedule they are compensated by receiving higher hourly pay. Another factor that affects the pay of per diem nurses is their specialization, nurses with specialization can get even higher pay. The pay of per diem nurses who gets enough assignment but don’t have to work full time can equate to the annual salary of regular nurses who have to report on a fixed schedule and a daily basis.  

You can work when you want to work

The best thing about per diem nursing jobs is having a flexible schedule. They can choose to work on days that they are free and they can take a break if they want to. After an assignment per diem nurses can decide if they can take the next assignment or take a week or more vacation. They are still considered an active employee while on break and they don’t need to go through the hustle and bustle of filing a leave since they are not bound to a fixed schedule. They are however required to inform their agency once they are ready to work gain so they can be lined up on the list for the next assignment. 

You do not have to get wrapped up in workplace politics

Work politics can affect the performance of a nurse as they have to deal with it as long as they are working with the healthcare facility, however, for per diem nurses work politics is not an issue as they can avoid getting involved in the field since they will be leaving after their assignment. 

You can go on vacation whenever you want

Getting a leave is often not possible if you are a regular nurse since you are tied with your duties and responsibilities especially if the demand for your service is high. On the other hand, per diem nurses can take a time off to be with their families or take a break to have a refreshing vacation. 

You will have an outstanding work-life balance

Balancing work and life can be challenging, as a per diem nurse, it is possible to maintain a work-life balance because of the flexibility in the work schedule. Getting enough rest can make a nurse more productive than getting burned out now and then. You can work if you feel like it and you can take a break if you want to rest for some time. Getting enough rest is essential to be more productive as a nurse and to be ready for the challenges you will face in your workplace. 

You may have a decreased risk of burnout

Burnout is one of the most common challenges for nurses since they have to work for 8 to 12 hours a day or even longer. For per diem nurses can take a rest if they wish to and they are not mandated to follow a fixed working schedule which means they can avoid burnout and they can take care more of their health. 

You can work multiple per diem jobs

Per diem nurses are often assigned to different healthcare facilities and they can work with more than one staffing agency which gives them more opportunities to earn as long as they can manage their schedule. 

You can try before you go full-time

Getting a per diem job can open up more opportunities for you to be hired full-time. You can showcase your skills as you get assigned to different healthcare facilities, they can see your potential talent and they can absorb you as their regular employee, some may even offer good compensation. 

You could travel and work at the same time

Traveling and working can be impossible if you are a regular employee, but with a per diem nursing job, you can be able to do both. You can still pursue your career while having the chance to travel outside your residence and even around the world. 

You can pick up seasonal work for some extra cash

Since per diem nurses are only needed for a few days, any nurses even those working as regular nurses can grab the opportunity to earn extra cash. Since they can pick an assignment that matches their schedule and they can do a double job. 

Getting a per diem nursing job can be your stepping stone in advancing your career, so find the nearest stafinge agency in your area and apply now!