Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content practices can be referred to as the set of tasks that aid in the website’s ranking on search engines.

It is best to make sure that your site has a strong foundation through SEO practices. If this is something you wish for your site, contact Eurisko.

Here, there are the top 10 SEO practices to get your site ranked:

  1. Do Keyword Search

Before you start writing any content, make sure you do keyword research on the topic. Keyword search helps you know what people search for on the topic and the words used. 

This will increase the chances of your content ranking on search engines. All you need to do is type the topic on google and take note of the keywords. 

  1. Start with keywords and use them in strategic places

The main keyword selected from the keyword search should be the title/H1 heading. Always ensure that you mention it at least twice in the first paragraphs and include what to expect in the article. 

For subheadings in the article, use other subordinate keywords you found when searching for long-tailed keywords. 

Latent Semantic Index(LSI) have the same meaning as the keyword but is also important because they are keywords that help you understand broader on the topic. 

LSI can be found under the related searches section on google. 

  1. Understand What the Reader Wants

Before embarking on writing any content or going ahead to publish any content, always ensure you understand what the audience wants and check if you have written exactly what is appealing to the target audience. 

It is advisable to use google to research the topic to gain more knowledge and to know what your target audience is after. 

  1. Enhance your Site Loading Speed

The rate at which your site opens when clicked on is very important in SEO. Users get frustrated when it takes time for a site to load and will end up leaving. 

Some ways you can optimize your site speed include:

  • Compress your images – Images uploaded on the site may be too large which can reduce your site’s speed. 
  • Themes – Usage of some heavy themes can also make your site slow when clicked on. You can consider a lightweight theme.
  • Lazy loading images can boost the speed of your site by 50%
  1. Internal linking

Internal linking is another important and easiest part of SEO content.  This involves adding links that lead to another article page on your content. 

Use meaningful anchor text when adding links so that the reader can get an idea of what the linked page is about. Don’t just go about adding any available links, always link the relevant ones to the content. 

  1. Publish Relevant Contents

If you want your site to rank high on various search engines, posting relevant content on your site is important. 

Although the quality of content is more important than the quantity Google puts up similar content with lengthy words. Through posting lengthy articles, readers learn more and prefer it. 

When posting long articles, it is best to optimize them. Add a content table at the beginning to help readers navigate better.  

  1. Use a Different Meta Description 

The meta description is the first part that is visible to people on Google as the search page come up. It is essential you use different meta descriptions for your content. 

Use different meta descriptions for similar content to avoid getting penalized or make the articles look the same. 

  1. Make the Contents Easy to Read and Structured

No matter how good your content is if it is not well structured and easy to read to comprehend the reader won’t have a good user experience.

The article must be well organized in paragraphs and headlines. Some other ways you can make improve your article are:

  • Short paragraphs
  • Bold and italics to highlight necessary parts of the content
  • Use lists to outline steps, etc.
  1. Use Optimized Images

Adding optimized images to your content will make it rank high on Google. Images aid in the comprehension of the content. 

If you want to optimize your image, add a description and file name because Google doesn’t recognize images. 

  1.  Post on Social Media

You can create more awareness for your content site by posting links on social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

Maximize the power of social media to your advantage through running paid adverts/ ads on these media. 

The more traffic you generate to your site, the more relevant it becomes.