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Workzone Tools vs Jira Tool: Which Platform is Better for Architects

Architecture like many other industries can also benefit from project management. However, the firm should select the right software that can support all their activities with the right digital tools. Architectural projects rely on quick communication with clients and stakeholders, budgeting options, financial planning features, and detailed data logs. Workzone tools vs Jira tool offer all this and bring every relevant file, snippet, or attachment to the same platform to contribute to the final result. 

A project management platform has the answer to all common complaints related to Excel spreadsheets, unforeseen delays, and resource scheduling. With the help of the latest technology, architects can avoid all of them and create more value for clients. Jira software fulfills all the logistics, planning, and communication requirements of a creative agency. 

Although any popular project management tool can be utilized by architects, there are several specific features that they might need to help increase efficiency, boost productivity, and streamline workflows. This article explores some must-have features and purposes served by an architectural project management platform. Also, read about Local Digital Business.

Why Do Architects Need Project Management Software? 

Architects need project management software that will help them execute their building projects. They need to be able to develop plans and share them with clients. The project management component helps them, schedule workers, allocate resources, and come up with timelines. It is one way for them to meet deadlines and increase accountability. Listed below are ways to choose between Workzone tools vs Jira tools for your architectural firm. 

Invoice Clients for All Billable Work 

Project management requires teams to keep up with several tasks which can be cumbersome for the managers. It might not be feasible to manage everything using Excel spreadsheets. Trello software can make it easier to keep track of billable hours and help with invoicing. It tracks all the efforts employees have put into a task and makes sure the firm is compensated for it. 

Keep Projects on Schedule and Under Budget 

An architectural firm needs project management for the same reason any other company does. To keep their work organized and make sense of their workload. Both Workzone tools and Jira tools can be used as a planner by architects. They can keep track of any upcoming deadlines and plan their budget according to available funds and resources. The platform has features such as daily reminders, expense calculations, and other options that can help with the project. 

Real-time Reporting with Additional Visibility 

An architectural firm needs real-time visibility into the cost, budget, and estimates relevant to the project. They should be able to provide accurate answers to client questions and maintain maximum transparency. With Workzone project management software, firms are capable of making informed decisions because they have access to the latest data. They can also implement new methods or test the viability of their ideas by using forecasting or estimating tools. 

Accurate Predictions for the Project Future 

Project management software can help companies get keen insights into the project timeline and focus on the desired goals. They can use the software to get holistic predictions which can help them evaluate the possibility of their ideas. They can improve their recruitment processes and find resources that will help promote the project vision. Workzone tools vs Jira tool help keep track of all pipelines and make sure there are no delays coming up ahead. 

Criteria for Architecture Project Management 

When choosing the right project management software, architects look for several features that they need to get the most out of them. 

Well-Designed User Interface 

Since architects are creatives, they need project management software that has an attractive UI. It should be intuitive and the layout should allow users to navigate with ease. Jira software has a user-friendly interface that has a straightforward training process. 


The learning curve should be short and manageable to help employees get acquainted fast. Workzone software comes with many training materials such as videos, seminars, lectures, and user guides to help new users settle in fast. 

Design Tools 

Since architecture requires a lot of brainstorming and collaborating, the software should have features that assist with note-taking, file sharing, and quick communication. The users should not feel the need to go anywhere else. 

Financial Planning 

The best project management software comes equipped with a financial module that helps manage money and resources. Architects will benefit from the invoicing capabilities, and budgeting options include in the software. It allows managers to track billable hours, maintain accurate timesheets, and know exactly how much money they are spending on each phase of the project. 

Document Management 

When it comes to an architecture project, the team will need to test and present several versions of the design before it is approved. They need a reliable storage space that can save all their blueprints and additional files. Amongst Workzone tools vs Jira tools, both have a centralized space where all the attachments are secure. It can also import files from other storage solutions such as Google Drive or Dropbox. The software even maintains photos, video, text, and other media files. 


The Trello tool has built-in features that make it easier for architects to work together on the same project. They can communicate through comments and collaborate in real-time. It allows guest users to view the project dashboard which means clients can come on board and see the progress for themselves. 

Resource Management 

The project management software should assist with resource allocation and allow the architects to view the schedule for each employee, software, equipment, and other resources. They should be able to manage their workloads, keep an eye on capacity and make adjustments whenever required.  

Task Assignment 

Workzone allows users to keep track of all tasks assigned to them. They know the specifications required for each deliverable and when it is due. The software also helps set labels, and task ownership, and create dependencies for related action items. 


The software is compatible with the most popular task management and financial planning tools. It supports add-ons and users can integrate the systems they are currently using so they have all the information available in one place.