diabetes a menace for men

When you are suffering from diabetes your blood sugar levels are high. It can lead to a lot of complexities in your life which we will discuss here.

You see the spike in sugar levels occurs from excess sugary items intake and even foods that contain high levels of carbohydrates. The problem is that while glucose is necessary during the respiration process and energy combustion process in the cells where glucose is converted into ATP molecules its high and excess amounts may even lead to defining problems such as diabetes. The condition of diabetes is nothing but excess sugar.

There can be various complications that may arise due to this. Some of the complexities arising out of the disorder may force you to have pills like Cenforce 100 mg.

But before we begin we would like you to inform us about some of the stages of diabetes that a man might be suffering from.

  • Prediabetes

It is often the precursor of diabetes. Here the blood sugar levels in the affected person will be high but not something to be very concerned about. It is reversible provided that the patient adopts to doctor supervision and treatment during this time only.

  • Gestational diabetes

This is not that common but occurs in females only.  This type4 of diabetes may occur during the pregnancy period when calorie intake for a pregnant woman rises several folds. But this is also reversible post-childbirth and is mostly curable if the patient takes the doctor’s advice and resorts to a treatment.

  • Chronic diabetes

This is where you can say that diabetes can truly be established as a disorder. Even this stage in diabetes has two levels that include type one and type two diabetes.

Type- 2 diabetes can be so severe that it can ultimately lead you to death as well. But this time the levels of blood sugar levels have gone way ahead of recovering permanently and you only have to resort to treatment means that will prevent further elevation of sugar levels. It is also one of the factors behind you having to buy Fildena 100 pills from the market.

Health complexities arising out of diabetes

Blood vessel damage

The first problem that you will suffer from is blood vessel damage. And the logic behind this is quite obvious when your blood vessels carry blood that is high in sugar and glucose content some part of this sugar is deposited on the arterial walls and this may lead to conditions of arterial damage extensively over the years. you may also suffer from vascular trauma.

Nerve damage leading to neural pain

Due to diabetes, your nerves get damaged significantly over the years. This results in suffering from neural pain or pain in the nerves. The commonly affected areas will be the brain or the neural cells in the brain where there is a complex network of slender and thin nerves.

Sugar crystal deposition can bring about extensive damage to nerves and this is where the resulting pain will occur form.

Increased chances of heart attack and stroke

Your chances of heart attack and stroke also get seriously ramped up. Due to high blood sugar content the blood viscosity changes and this is what may trigger chances of such as life-threatening events.

The problem is that blood now being more viscous needs to be pumped with more pressure to maintain the flow. This of course puts pressure on the cardiac muscles and over the years this even can be one of your horrifying realities. It is also one of the reasons why you have to buy and use pills of Vidalista 60.

A rise in blood pressure

Your blood pressure also rises and the reasons for this are the same again. The problem is that your blood vessels are now damaged and even due to sugar deposition in the inner walls the effective area for blood flow decreases. You see connecting between disorders is simple but the result can be highly disruptive for your health. With high blood pressure your chances of suffering a heart attack or a stroke increase further.

Kidney damage and disorders

The human kidneys are one of the most important organs in the entire human body. Kidney damage can bring about severe consequences in life and no doubt that diabetes may cause it.

You see after the brain it is probably the kidneys that have an extensive network of a thin and fine network of tiny blood vessels and capillaries. Due to diabetes and high blood glucose, some of these tender and minute arteries get clogged off or even they may be damaged and not able to purify the blood.

Severe eye vision damage and corresponding disorders

You may also have to end up buying pills from online websites such as Powpills because of eye disorders. Due to diabetes your ocular blood pressure may rise and lead to reddening of the eyes, oozing fluid from the eyes. Some of the worst complexities include blindness.