One of the most memorable things in Avengers 4 is captain America’s ability to pick up Thor’s hammer, which makes people confused because the spell Odin cast on Thor’s hammer is not accessible to anyone who wants to pick it up. Why did Captain America pick up Thor’s hammer? Let’s talk about it.

Seen thor, friends all know, thor’s hammer is the Nordic myth and diffuse thor the weapons used in the marvel comic, is so heavy, in addition to the hammer head part is about the recession planet center of forging, the wood handle from the tree of the world, and is itself only justice, kindness, and recognised people who can take up. I have to say, fat thor costume are really good looking and cheap enough to satisfy every Thor fan. Odin’s magic, ordinary people are not able to pick up, Odin cast a spell said: “Anyone who can lift a hammer, as long as he is qualified, will get the same thor thor power.”

Thor jokes in the movie the avengers 2 let all heroes try to pick up the hammer, everybody together to try to get the thor’s hammer, but a person no one can take the table up, only when the captain America take a hammer to move a little, is it make thor’s face is not pretty, then the team didn’t pick it up, the thor relieved.

Captain America is a marvel Comics superhero. Fans of Captain America can buy fancy Captain America Costume. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, on July 4, 1918. He was an emaciated young man. Become the physical ability is far beyond the ordinary “super soldier”, and was given by the United States government by the world’s most hard metal jin jin shield, from now on Steve to the identity of Captain America, in world War II made outstanding achievements.

Later at the end of world war ii a raid, captain America do battle with the enemy red skull, and fell into the sea is frozen for nearly 70 years, until be SHIELD found and thawed joined the avengers alliance, then under the leadership of captain America, utterly avengers alliance, to win again and again improbable victory.

Captain America is not born a hero, nor is he immortal (which is why he needs a shield to protect him), he is just stronger than average, brave, resourceful, and full of justice. Compared with Thor’s flamboyant character, Captain America’s life experience is mainly in the military, which is doomed to his low-key and introverted character. It is because of this character, just later picked up thor’s hammer pave the way.

Captain America was born during World War II, and it represents the spirit of freedom. How can I say, Captain America is very clean in heart, there is no distractions, only for the people. For example, in the Civil War I, Captain America defeated the Iron Man with the help of Vision. Obviously he had won, but he still chose to surrender for the sake of the people. Even he was assassinated during the parade, but he also promised to protect the people before he died. He’s got a great personality, a great character, and a world War II hero that makes him a worthy leader. In addition, Captain America’s prestige in the Avengers is very high, and he can communicate with The green fat in the case of raging out of control. In Civil War II, Iron Man also said that Captain America and him together made him think he was right. Finally, Cap is the idol of many marvel heroes, like the Punisher. The captain and his band of superhero brothers form the Avengers and are then promoted as one of the leaders, of course, due to his personal experience and personality.