A Government Liaison Officer, often known as a Public Relations Officer or PRO, is required of every firm in the UAE. All actions linked to the processing of government documents and paperwork, such as visa applications, labor cards, and firm trade licensing documentation and clearances, are referred to as PRO services. You can look for the best PRO services in Dubai easily if you know what they do and how they can help you out. 


Why Does Your Company Require Professional Services?

To begin with, many of the actions that make up PRO services are legal obligations for all businesses and workers. The danger of needless fines or other negative effects for the firm is reduced by ensuring that the processes are handled appropriately and in a timely way.


Despite the apparent legal ramifications, failing to carry out these actions might have a negative influence on a variety of issues outside of the organization as well. To work lawfully in the UAE, for example, each employee must get a residence visa and a work permit, which are also necessary to create a bank account, sign a residential lease, connect to utilities such as electricity, and receive an identity card.


What do the PRO service providers do for your company?

Professional services providers operate in a variety of public and private industries. Professional services may be a major line of business for certain providers, while they may be marketed as an add-on value driver to a core product for others. Professional services have traditionally been billed on a billable-hours basis. Many professional service providers, however, have recently switched to a fixed-price or subscription-based pricing model. This pattern may also be seen in the move from break/fix labour to managed services for companies that offer operations and maintenance services.


  • Assist in the recruitment of new employees and the decrease of employee turnover.
  • Make your company more appealing to existing and prospective workers.
  • Save time so you can focus on your business’s day-to-day operations and growth.


The Advantages of Using a PRO to Outsource HR Functions

The procedures for forming a corporation in Dubai are typically straightforward. However, the regulations and paperwork involved make it appear more complicated than it needs to be. This remark is especially relevant for young business owners who may be overwhelmed by the numerous licenses and approvals necessary. That is why company owners in Dubai rely on PRO services to help them through the laws of the business formation procedure.


A Dubai PRO service is one that includes all aspects of the legal document processing procedure, such as visa/license applications, labour cards, and so on. They’re also referred to as Public Relations Officer services, which is where the name PRO originates from.


They work alongside your workers.

When you join a PRO, it will co-employ your staff for administrative tasks, including paying employees and submitting payroll taxes on your behalf. Importantly, you will continue to have complete discretion over who you recruit, what benefit plans and designs you offer employees, and other key human resource choices. A contractual allocation and sharing of specific employer obligations between the PRO and the customer. To put it another way, co-employment implies that you and the PRO jointly employ your employees. 


They provide HR administration services.

Aside from the processes outlined, PRO services may assist with a variety of other processes. The most popular ones in Dubai are: complying with immigration regulations and getting trade licenses in the United Arab Emirates; the most typical examples are:


  • Commercial trade licenses are issued to businesses that engage in commercial trade. If a company is involved in the trade of products, commodities, or services, it is given this designation.
  • Industrial trade licenses are granted to businesses who want to manufacture. Businesses that assemble, process, redesign, or repackage items are eligible for this award
  • Professional trade licenses are issued to specialists and professionals in sectors such as carpentry, consulting, publishing, beauty salons, printing, consulting, artisanship, and more.


They save money by taking advantage of economies of scale.

The almost 1,000 PROs in the United States, according to NAPRO, employ 3.7 million employees across 175,000 enterprises. Because each PRO “employs” People from a large number of small firms, they may bargain with insurance carriers to acquire lower-cost, higher-quality benefits for those workers, cutting employment expenses and enhancing the bottom line for the company.


Improve employee perks and make the HR process go more smoothly.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, it might be difficult to compete for the top personnel if you can’t provide competitive salaries or benefits—especially because more and more organizations are expanding their perks (SHRM).


Because PROs employ so many people, they’re able to leverage the buying power of much bigger organizations to give small company employees more extensive benefits, allowing them to choose from a wider selection of high-quality, inexpensive solutions.


Time is money.

Let’s face it: you and your HR staff have more important things to do than submit paperwork, negotiate with benefits suppliers, and navigate through ever-changing labour regulations. While the financial reductions are crucial, utilizing a PRO also gives you more time to focus on building your business. PRO s can help you save time on a variety of HR administrative tasks. PRO services frequently include:

  • Payroll entails keeping track of hours and PTO, paying employees, reporting earnings, withholding and paying payroll taxes, and occasionally assisting with the payment of vendors and contractors.
  • Benefits: Everything from negotiating with providers to registering employees and processing claims has been simplified.



Some PROs cater to certain firm sizes, sectors, or geographic regions with their services. Make sure the PRO is familiar with your industry and can continue to assist you as the business grows. If you are also looking for someone who can help you in dealing with the best, then PRO services are the best options. Your hassles related to the payrolls will be sorted, and you can focus on other areas in your company.