Why Do Some Water Systems Use Pre- Filters

Pre- filtration is a method of removing particular unwanted matters like sand , sediment , or any comparatively large alien particles from water primarily.  Generally it is a pre treatment to eliminate the large membranes and debris before going for any further treatment.  Large particles , sand have the ability to clog any advanced filtration system.  That’s why pre- filtration is used in water systems.There are many such pre-filters available in the market such as Kent power pre-filter , Ampereus pre-filter , LESSO water pre filter and many more.

Importance of Pre-Filtration in Water System

An effective pre- filtration is an important part for water filtering and water softening.    The water filters can’t remove all the particles in water.  Pre- filtration is a quick solution in those places as there are so many contaminations which can damage the filter system.  The LESSO water pre- filters can be a brilliant choice here.  This type of pre- filter can be used for home , villa , enterprises where water is polluted by silt , clay , sediment , industrial waste or other organic substances.  It assures the durability of the filters as the pollutants are detrimental for the longevity of the filtration system.

Benefits of Using Pre-Filters in Water systems

• It minimizes the quantity of chlorine. 

• It contains an ultra- fine filter which collects comparative fine particles also. 

• It filters sand , dirt

• It filters insoluble manganese , iron which can cause red stain in cloth , sink and harms the body. 

• It filters arsenic. 

• It protects the water. appliances from damage.

Different Methods of Pre – Filtration

• Sediment Filter 

This filter is used to remove non dissolving elements from water.  It is an important stage so that the next filtration can move out the other smaller and fine particles.  It prevents the filter system from clogging. 

• Ultraviolet Light Filter

It is a very effective stage to remove harmful bacteria , virus from water.  So, ultraviolet light filters are majorly used by the purifier companies to prevent the main filter from bacterial growth. 

• Carbon Filter

Carbon filter is often used in pre – filters to remove chlorine from water which is the main cause of chlorine damage of the filters.  Chlorine fights with bacteria and viruses also but carbon filters remove the excess chlorine which can be harmful for health. Carbon media is also used to remove dissolved pollutants from water.

LESSO Water Pre-Filter

A LESSO water purifier uses all the important methods of pre – filtration of water.  Pre – filters are installed at the point of entry of the water into the home.  These pre – filtration kits are easy to use , flexible , disposable and affordable.  Once the water is pre – filtered, the further purification becomes very easy and it takes care of our health.  It maintains  the natural color and brightness of water by removing bad smell and industrial wastage impurities.

Details About Pre-Filters

The pre – filtration system is connected with the pore size of the particle filtration system and the water – quality.  Usually , hollow membrane filtration and ultraviolet light filtration systems are crafted to remove particularly large follicles , matter , sand , silts , sediments and other pollutants that tend to damage or clog the fiber membranes in the filter.  The pore size of the filters may range from 100 micron to 3000 micron or higher.  The quality of the pre – filters depends on the water quality and the specifications of the materials with which it is made by the manufacturers.  Nano – Filteration and Reverse – Osmosis filtration are the ventless membranes that are not reusable after using and are mostly used for the filtration of massively polluted water like municipal water , river water.  Nano – filteration and Reverse – Osmosis filtration also must use pre – filters to reduce the damage and clogging of the main filters.  These pollutants are very harmful and fouling that can lower down the longevity and system productivity.  


High quality and high efficiency pre-filters can last long as LESSO water  pre-filters although pre – filters should be changed every 2 – 3 months although this depends on the frequency of consumption.  However , if the water is too polluted and loaded with sediments and silts then it is advised to change it every month for the right function of the pre – filters.So , pre – filtration has become a must have for a healthy way of life.