Worker tinting car window with foil in workshop

Tinting a car window is one of the most affordable ways to improve the car’s aesthetic appeal. Aside from that, tinting your car comes with many benefits, especially to one’s health. However, before your car window San Diego, you must know the correct tint percentage to opt-in for. 

So how do you know which tint percentage is correct for you? Well, you need to first learn about the various tint percentages available. 

20% Window Tint

A car window tint of 20% percent strikes a balance between privacy and aesthetics. In other words, this car tinting method doesn’t sacrifice privacy for aesthetics. At this percentage, you can still have a stylish-looking car that offers a form of privacy. This window tint % makes it hard to see the interior of a car from the outside world. It’s perfect for people with valuables in the car as it helps keep criminals at bay. As we all know, there’s a lesser chance of criminals attempting to rob you if they don’t know what’s inside your car. 

50 Percent And 35 Percent Window Tint

According to research by experts in the automobile industry, a tint of 50% is very effective in blocking out heat and UV rays from your car. 

In addition, it significantly reduces the effect of direct light, especially when driving at night. However, if you want a stylish look as a young fellow, it’s best to go for a window tint of 35%. This percentage of car tint gives a darker appearance yet doesn’t sacrifice visibility. 

5% Car Tint

This percentage of car tint is the lowest form of car tint available for car owners. Before you go for a car tint of 5%, you need to make inquiries about whether the state you live in accepts that type of car tint percentage or not. A car tint of 5% is unacceptable in some states. One of the reasons why some states are against their citizens using this car tint percentage is because it’s just too dark. 

Nevertheless, a car tint percentage of 5% is more common among limousines. Since limousines are expensive and their owners or renters are primarily wealthy, deep car tinting is essential to keep their identities confidential and ensure their safety. 

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Car Tint Percentage

  • Know Why You Are Tinting Your Window

Typically, we all have our special reasons for doing things. Before choosing a car tint percentage, you should know your reason for tinting your car. This will guide you in making the best decision. For instance, if your reason is for privacy and aesthetical appeal, it’s better to go for a 20% car tint. However, if your interest lies in keeping UV rays out of your beloved car, you should go for a 50% car tint. A 5% car tint could be the best for you as a celebrity. 

  • Get Familiar With the Window Tint Laws In Your Area

Generally, failure to adhere to the laws and constitution of the city you live in attracts specific penalties. So if you violate the rules and regulations of your city by going above the set tint percentage, you may end up paying huge fines.  

For instance, in Virginia State, the front window on the passenger’s side can go up to 50 percent. In Florida, their vans, SUVs, or sedans, front-side windows can’t have a reflectiveness rating of more than 25%. Also, their rear windows and backside must have a VLT of 15 percent. Furthermore, SUVs’ and vans’ VLT ratings must be six percent. Those who refuse to follow these rules have to spend extra money changing their car film. 

  • Consider Your Car’s Appearance

Even if you’re not a stylish person, you still need to consider appearance when it has to do with tinting a car. Tinting affects both the interior and exterior look of a car, so you have to make an excellent decision to bring the best of it. 

If you are having a hard time deciding on which percentage of tinting to go for, you can always consult with an expert.  

However, when choosing an expert to render you car tinting services, you must do adequate research on them. The type of person you hire to fix your tint will determine if you’ll get the best out of it. It would help if you remembered that not all car technicians could offer car tinting services.