Moving may be stressful; it consumes time, energy, and money. Particularly when the journey is lengthy and there is a lot to pack. As a result, it is usually prudent to enlist the assistance of professionals whenever you are considering relocating.

After deciding to engage a professional moving company to assist with your relocation, the following step is determining whether you will work with flat rate or hourly movers. If you’re unfamiliar with the distinction between the two, you can learn more on website/movers. Also in this article we will expound more on what a flat fee moving business is.

What are Flat Rate Moving companies?

Flat rate moving companies are moving companies that give you a binding estimate for the total cost of your move.

What Does a Binding Estimate Mean?

This is the total cost of your transfer in its entirety. This figure is derived from the combined weight of your possessions. Even before the moving procedure begins, the binding estimate informs you of the cost of the move.

When you accept a binding estimate, you are obligated to pay the amount specified in the estimate. This means that neither the mover nor you will be able to negotiate a lower price if your properties weigh less than projected.

Typically, to ensure an accurate estimate, the moving company will send an inspector to evaluate the items being moved prior to providing you with one. They also take into account the distance involved.

Additionally, once you have signed the contract for your binding estimate, you are not permitted to add additional things. This may incur additional costs. Therefore, you must guarantee that all items are available for inspection and advise the moving business of any particular requirements prior to issuing the binding quotation.

Benefits of Flat-rate Moving

Compared to the traditional hourly rates, flat rate moving offers the following benefits.

It is Convenient.

The cost of flat-rate moving includes services like packing your properties, loading them in the van, and unloading and unboxing when you arrive at your destination. This can help keep you relaxed all through the moving process. 

No Additional Charges

The traditional hourly rate is charged based on the total hours spent during the move. So delays from lunch breaks, traffic or any other situation may increase the number of hours, which may cause you to pay more than you intended.

But with the flat rate moving, the binding estimate allows you only to pay what was estimated regardless of whatever situation that may come during the moving process.

It Allows You To Work With A Fixed Budget

The cost of moving can drain your finances. So, if you’re low on finances or trying to cut down costs, flat rate moving is the way to go as it will enable you to work with a budget. 

Since overspending can further affect your finances, having an exact estimate of how much you will be spending will help keep you on track and avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Guide to Choosing A Good Flat Rate Moving Company

Below are a few guides to help you make the right choice when selecting a moving company. 

Make Sure You Do Your Research

This is the first and perhaps the most vital step in moving. While you may find many moving companies, not all are fit to work with. 

You can start with the local moving companies around you. If you find anyone of interest, do more research about them. You can check for customer reviews, years of experience, reliability, accountability, physical address, service cost, etc.

Ask for Referrals

If you have friends or relatives that have recently moved, it’s best to ask them for referrals, especially if they seem satisfied with the moving company’s services.

There’s a high chance you will get quick results this way rather than searching by yourself.

Compare prices 

Different moving companies may have different service charges, ranging from insignificant to making a big difference.

So, before choosing one, compare prices to make sure you’re getting the best rates.

Handling Special Items

Some items, such as musical instruments, antiques, fine art, etc., require extra care when moving. If you possess any such items that may need special care, find out if the company offers such extra care services. This will help you preserve these items from damage.

While moving can be stressful, it can also be a fun experience. It all depends on having the right moving company to handle the stress, so you don’t lose the excitement of getting a new home.