Before you choose a master’s in finance online degree or a master’s in business administration, you must know about each programme curriculum with clarity so that you can find the perfect modern structure that is best suited to your lifestyle. These are primarily categorised as pre-experience and post-experience, which give you a deeper insight into the career prospects that you can choose post graduating.

While an MBA programme is targeted to help students gain a broader understanding of business fundamentals and is suitable for candidates already holding substantial work experience under the belt, a master’s in finance online (MiF) is curated for students and business experts who are looking to specialise in the field of Lance our land jobs within the finance department.

Differences in the curriculum

MBA degrees are quite versatile where it gives aspiring candidates an overall understanding of how businesses run, besides offering the opportunity to specialise in finance. The first of an MBA programme is typically spent focusing on finance, operation and the strategic part of the business.

With a MiF degree on the other hand a candidate will be able to develop an understanding of all business areas, with fundamentally financial weighted fields in particular. You will get a depth understanding of finance-related fields, as well as training is the opportunity to broaden your eight years of interest by selecting from a wide array of electives and project domains.

Graduate jobs and salaries

Graduating with an MBA degree typically allows you to work in various business functions from financial services and marketing to administrative operations. Business administration masters being a multi-faceted degree in nature allows you to be part of any level of operations within our business venture and even acquire the skills needed to establish a start-up.

As a master in finance graduate, you will be representing the financial services sector and take up job opportunities from finance consulting firms to strengthen your expertise. Jobs within the financial sector can allow you to reach the $100,000 mark very soon. Qualifying with an MBA degree on the other hand, specifically with a specialisation in finance can help you cross the $150,000 mark, with the prospect of taking up jobs in some of the world’s finest corporate houses.

We hope this information will be better able to choose between a master’s in finance degree and an MBA. Once you have your objectives straight that is whether you want to understand the various aspects of a business or become an expert in the finance domain you’ll be better able to resonate with the type of programme that can help you advance your career.

Moreover, if you possess little work experience then getting a master’s in finance is quite apt for you but if you have already walked for a few years in the corporate sector then an MBA is what you should go for. Learn from the mentors who are alumni from one of the top ranking colleges in the Financial Times today, by hitting the reply button!