Who doesn’t love the taste of a spit roast meal? Whether it is a holiday celebration, a community gathering, a family reunion or a work event, succulent meats like spit hire pork roasted to perfection with crackle is the ultimate party dining experience. Spit roast meals can also involve other premium meat cuts like lamb, beef, chicken, turkey and ham. However, spit roasting can be tedious and requires good quality equipment and skill to get it right.

What Is The Process of Spit Roasting Meat?

Spot fire roasting is one of the oldest forms of indirect grilling over a flame providing low to medium heat. It is a perfect cooking mode for whole animals, cuts, and fatty parts that are cylindrical such as the one found on pork loins, shoulders, belly, and legs. Some also cook fruits and vegetables that complement the meat. Charcoal-based spit roasting is one of the most common types that Australians use as it produces smoke by tossing soaked wood chips or additional charcoal chunks. However, modern spits are available as gas grills with burners and rotisserie mounts. Those who wish to spit roast over a campfire must buy or hire good quality spit roast equipment with a motor and accessories like roasting string, grilling basket and drip pan.

What Is the Appeal Of Spit Roasting?

It Becomes the Centre of the Party.

Roasting a pasteurised, healthy animal on a spit makes not just a dramatic focus of the event but a delicious feast also. The slow cooking of the pork as the spit turns slowly over a fire for hours, cooking the entire body, is an appetising sight, and the community gets to pay homage to the animal as it serves them as a savoury feast. People like to use spit hire pork in such events as they are a compelling sight to behold, different from any modern cooking method one would predominantly use in the kitchen every day.

The Meat Is Cooked to Perfection.

Gentle and slow cooking of meat renders it juicy, succulent and tender as it cooks on the spit. The rotating rotisserie ensures the even cooking of the meat, including the fatty parts. The slow cooking over direct heat evenly caramelises and creates browning or crackling on the meat proteins. It also promotes ‘self-blasting’ as the melting juices and fats flow over the meat and provide a delicious flavour. It is also flexible as one can cook it over a fireplace or campfire with wood, charcoal or gas.

Spit Pork and Its Health Benefits.

Pork is a nutrient-rich food that requires one to prepare and consume the right way. When it is cooked on a spit rotisserie, the benefits are more. Pork is a source of high protein, vitamins and amino acids good for the body. It contains all the nutrients essential for human growth. Those who watch their fitness by hitting the gym or recovering from an injury benefit from consuming spit roast pork. Pork also is rich in unsaturated fats between 10-16% and is nutritious. However, those who do not want to consume the fat can cut it and still retain the flavour by using thick cuts and spit; hire pig roasting that uses low fat to cook.

Spit Pork Provides Delicious and Healthy Serving of a Meal.

While the ingredients of spit pork with the crackling, fresh from the spit are delicious, the beta-alanine, taurine and creatine provide consumers with energy and enhance their physical potential. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for corporate events and family gatherings as it boosts people’s health, allowing them to engage better.