As the summer is approaching, most of us want to keep our cooked meals longer and have fresh ingredients. One of the most straightforward steps to avoiding food wastage is the technique of freezing. It is a versatile technique that takes much less effort than other preserving techniques like fermenting, canning, or dehydrating. You will also not need extra equipment to preserve your food by freezing it if you already have satisfactory freezer space. From preserving a season’s harvest straight from the farmers’ market or garden for the upcoming seasons to stocking up on your ready-to-eat food supply, your freezer can have everything from summer berries to citrus juices if stocked the right way. Although some of us might argue that frozen food can never have the original flavors or textures, it is undeniably true that this statement is directly proportional to the freezing techniques.

There are many safe and effective techniques to store your meals and ingredients in the freezer. And one of them is packing it in the correct type of container to maintain the original quality and flavor. Finding the right and safe container to freeze your food is a surefire way to give yourself pre-made meals that look straight out of a kitchen. Depending on the type of food you are looking to freeze and the kind of freezer space you have, there are many freezing containers for storing your cooked food or raw ingredients. Since natural air is your enemy in the summer season, finding the right way to preserve your food is about finding the perfect container that will enable minimal air exposure and prevent your food from tasting like a hardboard. This article will talk about some of the safest containers to freeze your food in. To find out more about freezing techniques, you can visit

Safest Containers To Freeze Food This Summer:

Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Grade Storage Bag

If you don’t want to use disposable plastic, reusable silicone bags are a good alternative. Moreover, silicone allows much less air and moisture vapor transfer. The Stasher Reusable Silicone Bag Multi-Pack, which features different sizes in bright, vibrant colors, is an excellent choice of reusable bags for freezing food. These durable bags close firmly, have no odors, store flat in a drawer, are dishwasher safe, and are simple to clean. The only disadvantage is that- since these silicon bags are stiffer than plastic bags, compressing the air out of them is a little more complicated.

OXO Good Grips Glass Baking Dish with Lid 

A safe, reusable, and practical solution is to use a glass baking dish or stiff container from OXO with an airtight cover. An OXO Glass Baking Dish may not only be used to stock frozen meals, but it can also be used to bake or reheat them in the oven. Glass containers are also a safer option than plastic ones. This is because the plastic may degrade over time due to high temperatures and regular use, allowing dangerous chemicals to leech into food, especially when cooked. In this OXO Glass Baking Dish, we enjoy how the top can be seen and how they stack nicely in the freezer. However, note that extreme temperature fluctuations should not be exposed to glass baking dishes, and hence always make sure your food is thawed first.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container 

These adaptable, all-purpose freezer containers come in several practical sizes, ideal for any home. They’re manufactured of BPA-free1 sturdy, crystal-clear plastic with secure latches for an airtight closure. When soups and other liquid-based items are stored in these Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage containers, they will not spill or leak. This also applies to reheating. The latches are released, allowing for splatter-free microwaving. These plastic vessels, unlike glass, are lightweight and relatively unbreakable, albeit they have a more costly appearance due to the high-quality plastic’s visual resemblance to glass. Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Containers stack beautifully for compact storage and are dishwasher-safe.

Souper Cubes Large Silicone Tray 

While liquids for recipes and small amounts of pesto, applesauce, or baby food can be frozen in normal silicone ice cube trays, the foods will freeze-burn, which means the original moisture will be lost from the food. Souper Cubes overcomes the problem by including lids on their innovative silicone trays to keep the frozen food or liquid fresh. Each tray contains eight individual 1-cup pieces. Fill, cover, and freeze, as the cubes will easily fall out when it’s time to thaw. These adaptable trays can also be used to bake little delicacies like brownies in the oven up to 415 degrees Fahrenheit.