Unlike the hinged door, which allows an opening in one direction and only allows very limited doorways, folding doors allow for more doorway space, as all you need to do is to fold all the panels of doors and stack them into a single panel to one side.

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If you want more flexibility in your choice of accessing your house or office…

Precisely, you might like to have a wider entrance into your commercial store, residential car park, or living room. A folding door would be a great option to adopt.


What is a Folding door?

A folding door or bi folding door is a modern fashion of door which folds to pile two or more door panels together as it opens.

Types of Folding Doors

Single Bifold Door

This is also called concertina. It is the smallest size folding door that can be constructed. It involves two panels joined in the middle where they are folded, stacked together, and placed against a wall. Note that all types of folding doors are called bifolding doors.

Concertina is installed to replace the traditional room door, to allow a wider space in the doorway.

Room Divider

These are also recalled roomfold doors. This involves more than two door panels which is the reason why it is used as a room divider.

Bifolding Door with an Access Door

Similar to a roomfold, it is also used as a room divider. However, more advanced to roomfold because it includes an access door for day-to-day usage. This is what is lacking in roomfold doors.

Importance of Folding Doors

Having known what folding doors are and how they work, let me show you why it’s gaining importance day after day.

  1. Bifolding Doors are aesthetic

The gorgeous look of folding doors is great. The glass part allows transparency while you’ll be able to watch over your children as they play in the compound or garden. It does not look old even as your house gets old and it can blend with the rest of your building walls.

  1. Bifolding doors are much more secure

The security of unfolding doors is great. Unlike the conventional hinged doors which are tightened up (commonly with cancers) at one end alone, folding doors have several bolts that tighten it up at every sliding track. Whether the surface is made with glass or metal, the security can be enhanced against possible breaks in when the quality materials are used.

  1. Little to no maintenance is involved

Bifolding doors do not need much maintenance as they have been tested as being resistant to harsh weather. Manufacturers recommended cleaning with soap and a wet cloth, if you live in a dusty area, once in six months. Hence, the only negligible effort is needed for its maintenance.

  1. More Natural Light is Let in

Bifolding doors allow you to have a wider span of your doorway covered with glass. And with this, a lot of natural light is let into your living room. This fixes the very limited allowance of natural light in the case of the traditional hinged doors.

  1. Bifolding Doors give you flexible option to use the entrance into your house

Just as much door space you would probably want to have, folding doors allow you to set any length of door space.

Folding doors gives you a flexible option to expand or reduce your door space for your immediate need.