Landscaping can be cheap or expensive, depending on your budget and the project in question. You can expect to pay anywhere between $1300 and $6000. Sometimes, you can get house landscaping for as low as $300. You’ll pay an amount anywhere in that range depending on several factors. However, if you expect landscaping that includes all aspects like irrigation and a complete overhaul, you’ll need experienced professionals. This will not come cheap. For instance, if you request full-service house landscaping Dickinson, TX, you can expect everything from your lawn to your backyard to be taken care of.

Getting professional landscapers to tend to your house has several benefits. For one, you get to have an environment that is refreshing and creates additional space around the house. A simple landscaping task such as planting shrubs in certain corners of the yard can do wonders for the overall appearance of the place. The inviting environment and increased curb appeal will make your house an attractive purchase if you ever decide to sell.

The numerous landscaping options available to homeowners mean that prices can vary wildly for similar houses in a particular neighborhood. For instance, if two homeowners living on the same block decide to hire professional landscapers to add seating and other landscaping features, the costs may vary based on their needs and the extent of the project.

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Breaking Down the Price of Landscaping

Depending on your needs and your budget, this is how landscaping costs are broken down;


A thousand bucks get you some nice landscaping perks for someone on a shoestring budget. Don’t expect an impressive-looking lawn and front house, but it’ll make some difference. On this budget, you can purchase some rocks and mulch, depending on your needs. Buying in bulk is the best practice, enabling you to capitalize on promotions and other offers from the distributors. The average cost of a cubic yard of mulch is about $35. A few cubic yards of mulch should be enough for the front lawn and other visible areas of the house. Purchasing plants like Mountain hydrangeas for about $40 each fits this budget.

2) $2500

Sometimes, you may need to hire a landscape architect before bringing in the landscapers for the project. On average, a landscape architect can charge anywhere between $70 and $150 an hour. This totals to about $2500. A small landscaping project that requires the expertise of a landscape architect might go for about $500. The $2500 ensures that you get a well-designed outdoor living space, an attractive garden, and a lush lawn. An additional advantage of hiring a landscape architect is that they often know many people in the landscaping business, meaning they can recommend reliable professional landscapers for your project.

3) $3500

For this amount, you can expect to purchase all the necessary landscaping equipment and essentials like plants and mulch. Add that to the cost of hiring a professional landscaper at about $100 per hour, and you’ll have proper landscaping installation.

4) $5000

If you have the budget, you can go further than just hiring a landscape expert. While this expert creates the original landscaping layout, a landscape designer is there to improve the existing layout while being mindful of its general aesthetics. This means things like color and texture are always on the landscape designer’s mind, unlike the architect’s. In addition to the above, the designer can also develop a feasible, long-term gardening plan. A good portion of the $5000 will go toward hiring the landscape designer.

The landscaping cost can be as high as $30 000 or more depending on the size and scope of the project, labor, and materials needed.

Do-It-Yourself vs. Hiring a Professional Landscaper

Some landscaping tasks like gardening seem easy enough, making people wonder why they should shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire. While it’s true that many homeowners can mow their lawns and do some gardening, landscaping becomes a little challenging. For instance, tree removal is something you can’t just decide to do on your own. In addition to the skill and experience needed, tree removal can become a dangerous undertaking because of the risk of serious injury or death if hit by a falling tree trunk.

Ultimately, hiring a professional landscaper within your budget is the best way to handle your landscaping projects. If you want to do some of the things yourself, you can stick to adding mulch and other simple tasks.