What is KUBET? Ku casino – Casino for Vietnamese

In recent years, the online betting market in our country has grown strongly. Therefore, online bookies are always the biggest concern for players. Thereby when players want to participate in betting, they will have to choose reputable bookmakers for themselves. In particular, KUBET is the house that is highly appreciated by betting players.

What is Kubet? History of birth, development

Kubet is known as an online betting organization operating on the internet. As a playground that provides players with betting products related to Sports, Cards, Slot Games, Lottery… These are the most familiar forms of entertainment that all bettors know.

Currently, the house has more than 15 years of strong operation and maintains its reputation in our country. Before that, the house operated under the predecessor name Thien Ha Bet. Because to want players to bet to have a better experience, the bookie has upgraded the version of Thien Ha Bet to Kubet – KU – Ku casino.

The house version of Kubet has brought players a very good betting experience. Just like wpc16, it is also very popular in whole Asia.

In Vietnam, Kubet owns the largest number of betting members. Players when participating in the house always feel satisfied with the service that Ku brings. This is the reason why the house has been firmly established until now.

Link to Kubet – Link to betting application at Kubet Mobile

Currently, the link to Kubet always receives the attention of players who want to join the house. Especially when many bad guys are impersonating Kubet’s brand to scam players. Therefore, unfortunate members participating in these scam bookmakers will have a very high risk of losing their bets.

Therefore, when players want to bet at Kubet, please use the link to the official house we provide. The link to the house always ensures the safety and reputation of betting players. The access link is extremely stable and never blocked by Vietnamese carriers.

In addition, players can also access the link to Kubet to download the application to their mobile phones. The application will help you have the best and most modern betting experience when participating in the house.

Introducing Kubet .’s house

As new players when they first join Kubet, they are curious about information related to the house. Especially the legitimacy that the house gives bettors is yes or no?

Is the Kubet bookie legal?

In terms of the legitimacy of Kubet, you can rest assured about this. Because Ku is an online bookie that has been legally licensed to operate in the Asian market. This is because the house is licensed by the Philippine government organization.

Is the Kubet bookie legal?
Is the Kubet bookie legal?

This is one of the reputable organizations in Asia that specializes in licensing worthy bookies to operate openly in the market. Therefore, players should be completely assured when choosing the Kubet bookie as their betting destination.

Besides, the bookie’s website is also certified by Geotrust as the best user information security. As a result, customer information will always be 100% secure. Players are completely assured when registration information to play at Kubet is never disclosed to the outside.

Prestigious brands and partners cooperate with Kubet

Thanks to its power, the Kubet bookie has cooperated with many reputable partner units. These are mostly the partners that provide the house with the best quality betting products. Thanks to that, the house’s game store always ensures diversity and class.

In addition, because Kubet is a bookie, it has built a reputation for itself in the market. So they do not need to promote their image by investing in any brands or teams in the world. Thereby, the house always won the absolute trust of the betting players.

Kubet bookie review

Kubet is a bookie that has now proven its credibility in the market. That is why the reviews of the house are extremely positive from the players and experts. Detail:

Kubet is licensed to operate legally

As we said above, Kubet is a legitimate and recognized bookie in the market. Therefore, they are fully qualified to operate in every country around the world. Players only need to be over 18 years old to be able to use the best betting service that the house offers.

Modern website interface

The Kubet interface is designed to be simple, but it shows elegance and modernity. Looking at the home page interface, you will see what is the full range of betting products that Kubet is offering? What are the features of betting players? How are deposits and withdrawals done? What promotions are being implemented by the bookie?

Besides, the layout is designed scientifically and towards the user experience. Therefore, gamblers feel that every experience at the house is made easy. Most players do not meet p must be difficult when first experiencing Kubet.


App Kubet is an application that allows players to participate in betting on mobile phones. The application is intelligently designed and integrated on current iOS and Android phones. So any player can download the app and use it to bet on their mobile phone.


In addition, the Kubet app is also designed with a fairly modern interface. The support language is Vietnamese and the application size is low. Therefore, betting players also feel about the extremely fast experience speed when using the application.

Support Services

Support and customer care services are operated with a 24/24h mechanism. Currently, this is a service that has received many positive feedbacks from players. Because:

  • Kubet owns a team of extremely professional and well-trained customer service staff. Therefore, they will know how to properly advise and focus on the problem that the player encounters.
  • The dealer provides many forms of contact to the Ku switchboard for players to choose from. The channels to contact the switchboard are completely free and serve players 24/24.
  • The response speed for betting players is very fast within seconds.
  • Consultants talk to customers enthusiastically, politely, and use the Vietnamese language.

Various types of betting

To serve the majority of players when coming to the Kubet house to participate in betting. The bookie offers a wide variety of betting options for players to choose from. Thereby, you will have the right betting options with the strength to make the best money.

Existing types of betting such as Online Sports, Lottery, Game Slot, Online Casino, E-Sports… The entertainment forms are constantly renewed to help players always find new things. cool when coming to Kubet.

Great deals for members

To attract new members to join the house every day. The Kubet bookie has implemented many incentive programs and promotions for players. This is intended to help players get the best start when coming to the house.

Besides, members who are playing at Kubet also continuously receive bonuses from daily promotions from the house. These programs all bring big payouts to gamblers. You just need to choose the appropriate incentive programs and follow the preferential conditions that the house offers.

Good customer information security

With more than 15 years of operation in the market, the Kubet bookie always ensures the security of information for users in the best way. Currently, no member has complained about their information being leaked to the outside. Not even a single user account has been stolen by hackers. This is possible thanks to:

  • The most modern and advanced encryption system for customer information.
  • Multi-layer network security system helps to ensure the absolute safety of user information.
  • The bookie commits to never disclose user information to any 3rd party.

Outstanding products and services of the Kubet bookie

Coming to the Kubet house, players will enjoy extremely attractive and quality betting products.

Looking for Lottery

This is a category that brings betting players to articles on lottery prediction every day. Players who refer to this column will listen to experts on standard numbers. From there, you will easily choose the lucky numbers and fortune to bet.

In addition, players can also listen to experts share about the most effective and free screening methods available today. This way, you will increase your chances of winning every day.Sport

Sports Kubet is a playground to help you immerse yourself in the best matches in the following subjects: Football, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball… With sports events taking place continuously and regularly every day for players to bet.

Looking for Lottery
Looking for Lottery

With diverse odds and many different types of bets from the rafters: Asia, Europe, Over Under, Score… Players will easily choose the rafters that are their strengths to participate in betting and earn money.

In addition, for the sport of football, the Kubet bookie also offers players free live football matches. You will both enjoy the players competing and bet on your favorite team to earn money. Surely players will not be able to ignore this playing field when participating in the house.


Casino Kubet is an online gaming lobby that gives players the most realistic betting experience. Thereby players when experiencing here will be able to interact directly with the Dealer girls who are real dealers.

Players will be able to participate in online casinos of WM, Evo, Ku casino, DG, AES, AG, SA, GPI, BBIN… Every casino has the presence of hot girls and MCs. playing table.

Thereby, members will experience the games extremely attractive games such as Dragon Tiger, Online Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Sicbo … The tables are installed with many different bet levels and have the highest payout ratio.


The slot game store will bring you quite entertaining game titles. In addition, the slot game titles here are also extremely rich and diverse. You will easily choose the right game for you to entertain and earn money.

Currently, the house also regularly offers the latest slot games for players. Thanks to that, you will have new experiences and make good money when you come to the Kubet house.

Chat with the hot girl of the house Kubet

From the time frame of 21-24h every night, players will be able to directly interact and chat with the Hot girls of the Kubet house. This is also considered one of the ways to help you have great entertainment moments.

Currently, there are quite a few beautiful Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese girls who are always ready to interact with you. When players want to chat online with these girls, you need to create an account at the Ku dealer.

Watch movies online

Kubet’s movie store includes a full range of movie titles for players to enjoy. That is:

  • Cartoon.
  • Family love movies.
  • Movie.
  • Action movies.
  • Movies 18+.

Especially, the 18+ movie store is the place that many players love most when participating in the house. Here, you can easily choose your favorite Full HD movies without covering. Movies JAV, Korea, Vietnam… will surely make you guys happy.

Instructions to create and log in Kubet account

Players after learning about betting games or services are experienced at Kubet. Now, you can directly experience the best betting services from the bookie. You need to create a member account for yourself, by:

How to register for a Kubet. account

Members when using the link to Kubet and successfully access the home page interface of the house. Click on Register and then fill in the information required by the house system. That is:

  • Agent account: You leave blank or enter the name of the referring agent in Ku.
  • Account: The login name is written without diacritics and has a maximum of 10 characters.
  • Nickname: You enter any name up to 8 characters.
  • Password: You create a secure password for your account.
  • Phone number: You correctly enter your mobile number in the format 09xxxxxxxx and then click Submit.
  • Verification code: You enter exactly the verification code that you have just received from the phone SMS. This code is sent from the dealer system, you need to enter it correctly and then click Submit code.

Finally, the player clicks on “Finish” to finish the procedure for creating a member account to play at Kubet. As a member of the bookie, you will easily log in to your betting account.

How to login Kubet

On the home page interface of the Kubet bookie, members when clicking on Login. At this point, the official login form is displayed and you fill in the required information:

  • Account.
  • Password.

Then you click Sign In to complete this procedure and the process is successfully processed. Players when logging into the house for the first time will see your name displayed on the interface. Here, please add more personal information for your account to become more complete.

How to login Kubet
How to login Kubet

Instructions on how to deposit money into Kubet

To deposit at Kubet, players should use the methods supported by the house. That is:

Top up at ATM

Members who have a bank account but have not registered for banking. Please top-up at Kubet by ATM as follows:

  • Members log in to the house -> Select N -> Select Deposit -> Select ATM deposit method.
  • The new interface requires you to select the bank you want to top up. The member selects the appropriate bank and then clicks Next -> The system displays the latest and representative bank account for the house.
  • The player takes the ATM card to the ATM to top up the house’s bank account. After depositing, you keep the transaction receipt and confirm the score with the Kubet house.

Recharge with E-Banking

  • Members log in to the house -> Select N -> Select E-banking.
  • In the E-banking interface, select Account number -> Select the bank you want to top up and then click Next.
  • The system displays bank account information + 1 unique transaction code. Players now need to log into their bank accounts on the phone. Then you deposit money into the correct Kubet bank account.

In the transaction content, you need to enter the correct code provided by the system. Thus, the deposit transaction will be quickly processed by the house with 100% success for the player with the fastest time.

Recharge via QRcode

  • At the Kubet recharge interface, you choose QRcode -> To the new interface, you fill in the number of recharge points of 200 – 2000 points. In which, 1 deposit point corresponds to 1000 VND and then click Confirm.
  • After clicking Confirm, you choose Bank customers to want to send money and then click Next.
  • The next interface will display a QR code representing the house’s payment account. Players now need to log in to their online banking app to confirm the deposit. By, you use the QR feature and then scan the QRcode of Kubet and you’re done.

Recharge with online payment

  • In the deposit interface at the Kubet house, you choose Online payment -> Select E-banking -> Enter the number of points to be loaded within the limit of 200 – 20000 and then click Confirm.
  • After clicking confirm, select the Payment Bank that matches the bank account you have and then click Next.
  • Next, the new interface will display the login form for online banking. Players enter the correct username and password for their bank account. After that, you confirm the OTP code to deposit money into Kubet.

Top up with Momo

  • At the top-up interface, select Momo -> Select Scan code -> Enter the number of top-up points from 100 to 10000.
  • Then, you click Confirm -> The interface displays the QR code representing Momo’s account
  • Players need to log in to Momo wallet and confirm the deposit by scanning the house’s QR code.

Instructions on how to withdraw money at Kubet

Currently, the Kubet house is supporting players to withdraw money through banks in Vietnam. So you bet players will easily make withdrawals as follows:

  • Members log in to their winning account -> Select Deposit and Withdraw -> Select Next Withdrawal.
  • With the new interface, members will have to fill in all the information related to their bank account. These are Bank name, card number, account holder, and phone number.
  • After the bank information is filled in, click Confirm. At this time, the system will send a confirmation code to the player’s mobile phone. Please enter this code in the required security code in the withdrawal interface.
  • Then, you enter the number of points corresponding to the amount you need to withdraw according to the conversion from the house. With 1 point equals 1000 VND.

Finally, the player presses the Confirm button to complete the withdrawal procedure to your bank account. The transaction is successfully processed, and the withdrawal will be fully transferred to the player’s main bank.

Kubet. promotions (offers, bonuses)

The main incentives are one of the factors that make players feel extremely excited when participating in the house. So what are the attractive promotions that Kubet is currently implementing?

New members make their first and second deposits and get 588k

Members after creating their betting account succeed 100%. You will have the opportunity to receive bonuses from Kubet when you deposit money into your account. By, you participate in the following 2 promotional events:

  • Members make their first deposit with 100 points or more -> You get an extra 20% of the deposit value and the maximum amount received is 588 points. Withdrawal conditions: 15 rounds of betting.
  • Members make a second deposit with 1000 points or more -> You get an additional 10% of the deposit value and the maximum amount received is 588 points. Withdrawal conditions: 10 betting rounds.

Here 1 point corresponds to 1000 VND. Members need the full required number of rounds before they want to withdraw the entire bonus to the bank.

Kubet gives gifts of 5 choose 1

New member when having 3 or more top-ups with a total deposit of over 5 million VND. You will have the opportunity to receive 5 to 1 with 5 gifts of value in kind. That is:

  • Bluetooth headphones.
  • Negative ion air purifier.
  • Versatile sports watch.
  • Power bank with cord.
  • Mini Bluetooth Speaker.

Players who are eligible to receive bonuses from this promotion must register with Kubet. The house will have about 15-20 days to review the conditions for receiving the bonus for the member. If you receive a bonus, the bookie will contact you to proceed with the delivery.

Unlimited weekly cashback

Unlimited weekly cashback
Unlimited weekly cashback

Member when betting at Kubet and achieving a valid bet point over 1000 points. You will have the opportunity to receive unlimited weekly cashback from the bookie. The return structure applied by the house according to each game category is as follows:

The more players own, the more money they bet at the house. The more you get the refund is the highest and unlimited for yourself. Additionally, the rebate offers do not require turnover. So, you bet players will easily withdraw the promotion money and return it to the bank.

How to contact the Kubet bookie

Contacting the Kubet call center is one of the ways to help you get support from the bookie. Therefore, when players want to contact the dealer, you can use customer care channels such as:

  • Direct phone calls to the Hotline.
  • Chat online at the official website of the bookie.
  • Messaging via Zalo, Skype, and Facebook applications.
  • Send an email.

Currently, the bookie’s customer care channels are always open 24/7. Therefore, bettors will always receive support from staff when you contact the house.

Frequently asked questions about Kubet

Learning about Kubet will have a lot of questions raised from the main betting player side. Here are the most frequently asked questions about bookmakers:

Is it safe to play at Kubet?

Yes, Kubet is an officially licensed dealer brand. Therefore, players betting at the house are completely assured of the safest. However, you need to be over 18 years old to be able to bet transparently and openly at the Ku bookie.

How to bet on mobile Kubet?

There are 2 ways to help players participate in Kubet betting on users’ mobile phones. That is:

  • Players use the Kubet mobile app designed specifically for iOS and Android phones.
  • Players use web browsers on mobile phones to access the link to the house. This way of accessing the house sometimes causes players to encounter a blocked situation.

What to do when Kubet fails, maintenance can’t enter?

When playing Kubet, the link to the house cannot be entered or is faulty. Please fix these problems as follows:

  • The link to the house is broken because of the reason it was blocked from the Vietnamese network. Please change the DNS, and IP address or use the links to the backup bookie.
  • Link to the maintenance house, players should wait for this process to be completed. Besides, if you still want to bet when the house is under maintenance. Please use the Kubet Mobile application to get the best experience.

Kubet can’t withdraw money what to do?

Member when not able to withdraw winnings until promotion bonus to his bank account. You should contact the operator of the Kubet bookie for the best support. At the same time, you also need to consider whether your account violates the following rules?

Kubet can't withdraw money what to do?
Kubet can’t withdraw money what to do?
  • Member account is under 18 years old.
  • The member account violates the general terms and conditions of the house.
  • The member account has not completed the betting round revenue from the promotion.
  • Member has fraudulent activities in betting.

How to retrieve Kubet’s username and password?

Members when playing at the Kubet house unfortunately forgot their account username or password. Please follow the instructions below to retrieve your username and password as quickly as possible:

  • Forgot your username: You contact the Kubet operator to provide the necessary information for the consultant. After that, they will assist you to get the fastest login name for the player.
  • Forgot password: You choose Login -> Forgot Password -> Fill in the required information to retrieve a new password for your account. When players log into the house with a new password, please change it back to a secure and easy-to-remember password.

Understanding more about the Kubet house will help you feel more secure when participating in betting at this playground. So don’t forget to share our articles widely on social networks and betting forums. In this way, you have helped many new bettors choose a safe betting field for themselves.